Bridesmaid 6 weeks after due date???

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oldlangsayne Posts: 448
Morning all! Hope ye are all enjoying the fab sunshine? Have a bit of a dilemma.......last night a close friend, who was one of my bridesmaids, asked me to return the favour 6 weeks after my due date :eek On one hand I would love to do it, and would hate to leave her down but on the other hand would I be up to the job?? Im thinking sleep deprivation.....breastfeeding....leaking weight.....not wanting to be away from baby etc etc..... Any advice for me please? Maybe anyone who has had a baby? Havent a clue how I'll feel a few weeks after giving birth! Thanks :thnk
Marpat Posts: 1784
Personally, I don't think i would do it. but that would be me. has she any other bridesmaids. I'm sure she'd undertstand. You will still be very sore. (might only be 4 weeks after birth if you go over). Feeding and sleeping might still be a bit all over the place. Might be nicer to be a guest and just relax as much as you can with your baby on the day. or if baby won't be there, just go for the meal/cermony or whatever.
oldlangsayne Posts: 448
Thanks for your reply. She has her sister as chief bridesmaid. Im inclined to agree with you, but feel bad about it. :thnk
Roxet Posts: 220
oldlangsayne im exactly the same, im bm for my bf exactly 6 weeks after my due date. im hoping to breastfeed, etc so i told her that id love to do it but i dont know how i will be at the time... she said that she still wants me to get the dress,etc but if im not up to it at the time then thats fine..... maybe talk to your friend and let her know ur concerns... i posted this a while back and got lots of feedback if you search my posts!! good luck!!
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
I was BM for my cousin 6 wks after my DD was born. I managed to do it without much trouble at all really, and I had had a section. I figured that I would have been going to the wedding anyway so wearing the dress and walking down the aisle wasn't that much extra work. We had to travel for it, so stayed in the hotel the night before then I went to her that morning. My DH minded the kids, and only came to the reception, so she had my full attention before and during the ceremony. Saying that, if I had been bfing I prob wouldn't have managed it as easily. I think that would be the one thing stopping you. Also is this your first baby? If I had had to be bm after DS was born there was no way I would have been able to do it, I was barely out of pjs at 6 wks on him. I wouldn't worry about the dress or anything like that, especially if you are bfing, I did the first couple of wks with DD and lost all the weights, so dress fit fine. One tip however, would be to wear flats. I found wearing heels for the whole day after the section v v tough, scar was v sore at the end of the night.
Trafford Posts: 463
My sister was my CBM for me 6 weeks after she had a baby. I had asked her to do it before she was pregnant so when I found out that she would have had her baby just a few weeks before, I gave her an "out", so to speak. She said she wouldn't dream of backing out and it gave her something to focus on other than herself and baby. Now, that is her, and she is a really organised, supermom type person so it by no means means that you should think the same way. She was bfing too so baby was there, all day, which was fine by me as new babies just sleep in the corner anyway. We also put her and hubby up in the hotel that night so she had a room to go to to bf in private or just relax if she needed to. Her hubby minded the baby in the church and during the meal etc. and she was able to manage her feeds around the only time she really needed to be present, which was for the ceremony.
oldlangsayne Posts: 448
Thanks for the replies girls! Still not sure what to do. My biggest worry is the whole breast feeding thing.....dress doesnt allow for a bra.... is backless....wont my breasts be leaking or at least HUGE :-8 :-8 ?? Sorry really havent a clue!