Brown Spotting, what does it mean?

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candypants Posts: 8575
Sorry im panicing here, can anyone advise me what this means as ive had it a few days and getting worried :o( It prob says it here loads of times but ive tried flicking through posts.
tilsun Posts: 4506 ... t=spotting ... t=spotting ... t=spotting Just fund these recent threads. I haven't had this myself but keep reading that sometimes it just happens. Am sure it must be upsetting though, especially when it's a weekend. Call your doc tomorrow for reassurance. :wv
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
At my booking appointment with the midwife, it was on the leaflets given to me as a normal sign of early pregnancy. You may find if you dtd or have an internal that you have more of it. I had quite a bit of it and it became lighter/more reddish from weeks 5-6 so I had a 6 week scan and all was well. Sometimes the hormones affect the cervix so that as it becomes softer, as it's supposed to do, it can lose some cells (cervical erosion/ectropion). I had bright red spotting (just a few bright spots) also at 36 weeks where they actually looked and saw the ectropion (apparently looks like a small raw patch on your cervix). I was told that this is the most common cause of bleeding in pregnancy and is totally harmless.
candypants Posts: 8575
Thanks girls. God i got myself so worked up over it! Phew! mrsbean, your baba will be here any day :o)ll
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
hi chatterbox, :wv ive had brown spotting on and off since i got my bfp, have had 2 scans, and all is well, i fin that if i am doing too much i get a bit of it, etc, so best to take a break and lie down doe a while, feet u[p. i know its very scary, to see, i jsut got some more this morning, before i went for a shower, and its gone again, the doc in the maternity told me that ill prob get it on and off, and that i was prob implantation that caused it before :xxx i hope this helps u a little bit lovey, give ur doc a ring tho in the morning - just for reassurance :xxx :xxx :xxx
Trying4No.1 Posts: 298
Its normal so try not to worry! I had three mc's and no brown spotting or bleeding on any of those. But on this pregnancy (and I'm now nearly 15 weeks), I had brown spotting at 5 and half weeks, 6 weeks, 7 weeks and 8 weeks. Maybe only once or twice a week but it did cause me concern. Had early scans all along and thank god everything was ok. So just goes to show that the brown spotting was normal for me! As the girls said, try not to worry about it cause it sounds completely normal!
candypants Posts: 8575
Thanks my mind is at ease now. A pleasure as always :thnk