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Lucky Gal Posts: 226
Hi All, Just looking for any opinions/advice.... Found the perfect BM dresses today (Mori Lee). The BM's loved them and looked fab so I was going to buy them on The lady in the shop must have read my mind cos before we even said we'd order she warned not to cos i could end up with 3 different shades of dresses/she's had loads of girls in crying about ruined dresses etc..... Now i understand that she has a vested interest in getting us to buy them there but i could save over half the price buying them online..... She said that cos i am ordering 3 they might end up being different shades of the same dress cos they can be cut from different rolls of fabric whereas she can guarantee that they will match if she gets them in..... Any opinions/feedback (good or bad) on this? Thanks a mil! LG :thnk
havemovedon Posts: 2013
There's lots of great feedback about gownsales here if you do a search. I ordered my BM dresses from them just this week, there's no reason in the world why the dresses would be different colours?? AFAIK gownsales get the dresses from the manufacturer, same as the shop would! I saved €250 buying mine.
haydend Posts: 55
i got four bms dressed on gownsales and they arrived perfect. very big but thats due to the different american ladies figures! i ordered the sizes based on the specific desisgners web site and the girls mearsurements but will still end up big on bust or hips. my alteration lady has seen them and says there is no prob in taking them in to meet girls needs :) saved a fortune :hyper:
bride_2011 Posts: 21
i ordered 5 bridesmai dresses from gownsales and they are perfect. I saved over £1000 by buying of gownsales :o)ll
Lucky Gal Posts: 226
Thanks girls! I can't seem to search posts on this site anymore since the upgrade so that's why I posted again..... Its hard not to justify going to gownsales given the prices things are here! Tx LG
preghopes Posts: 468
Girls, did you measure your girls yourselves? i have ordered my dresses but i think they are going to come back very big as when I measured bust, waist and hips and chose biggest, they were a good bit bigger than there usual size here (taking into account size conversion also). Will dressmaker be able to sort this out no matter how big they are? A bit nervous now!!
wifey2010 Posts: 58
Different colours.......that's a good one. More like her way of getting you to by off her. She orders from the same place as gownsales :duh: I ordered mine off gownsales and saved a bomb. The girls tried them on got the shop assistant to do all the measurements asked asked the sizes and said would get back to her but then bought online. Good luck, hope ya get a bargain :yelrotflmaosmilie:
cantwait2bmrs2011 Posts: 215
I am going for Mori Lee bm dresses as well, and the cheapest shop that I have sourced them is 740.00 for 4 dresses, in another shop it was coming at 860.00 Eur for 4 dresses. By ordering with RK bridal - for the 4 dresses inc shipping it is coming in at 389.00 Eur thats a saving of 350.00 Eur against the cheapest shop :) Dont mind her atall, she just wants you to buy with her.... unless of course she would be willing to do a whopper of a deal lol!!! :hyper:
hands Posts: 152
I ordered mine from vitoria's bridal last week and the lady in the shop who i rang to get clarification on the sizes said to get the same dye lot of fabric so the dresses would all be cut from the same lot of fabric hope this helps will let you know when they arrive in about 12 weeks
bubblegum Posts: 340
I jsut ordered mine from gownsales on Monday so fingers crossed i didnt make a mess of the sizes. I saved 500 euro getting them online so I thought it was worth the risk. Did feel bad about trying them on in the shop but the saving was just too big to buy them here!