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raglan Posts: 83
Found out today that I will most likely have section due to breech baby, am near 38 weeks. I know baby can still turn but at this stage probably unlikely. I've read some posts on sections here. This is my 2 nd pregnancy, first one was natural delivery. How long are you kept in hospital if you have a section? Is it the same length of time regardless of it been your 2nd pregnancy? I see you still need your maternity pads......I assumed you didn't bleed below?? Any other helpful information? How did you find recovery?
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
You'll be in 4-5 days. It doesn't matter if it's your second- they keep you in because you've just had a major surgery. I bleed for 6 weeks afterwards! Recovery is slow enough. I was very sore but the only way through it is with plenty of pain relief!!! Was ok in about 4 weeks.
Luka Posts: 1904
I had a section at 39 weeks as DS was transverse. 5 days is pretty standard to be in hospital after a section, as the sutures are removed on day 5. I bled for 3 weeks after, it was heavy enough at times, it was gone about 2 days when I got my first AF, so you could say I had 4 weeks of bleeding after the section. Was able to go back driving after 3 weeks, ins co went with what GP felt was ok for me. Hope this helps!
vidia Posts: 2960
I cant remember how long I bled for, but it was def a few weeks. Found the recovery ok on both tbh, I got up after the cathetar (sp) was taken out and had plenty of small walks. It was agony getting out of the bed, but I had the bed as low as possible and eased my way out. I went for a walk around our estate the day I came home (or the day after) with a double buggy, so I couldnt have been that bad!! Take all the pain relief they offer, esp the suppositories ;o) They're the job.. All the best, hope you have a speedy recovery..
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I found the recovery ok. I had dissolvable stitches and my consultant did a very neat job. I was in five nights, but I did hear that on your second they might not keep you in as long, but I guess that depends on the hospital. I found it best to get out for a short walk every day. I bled for a few weeks, but the bleeding was very light after about two weeks.
CherylC Posts: 1071
I had section as baby breech - stayed 5 days in H*lles St. Didnt' have to get any stitches out but they want to keep an eye on the wound. I did bleed afterwards. It was fine overall and the recovery wasn't too difficult. I'd say just keep on top of the painkillers, take whatever they give and dont be a martyr! Ask in advance whether you can keep baby with you after delivery - in H*lles St Dad will take baby to ward while you go to recovery room for an hour or so, so just be mentally prepared for that if its the case. First night you prob won't be able to get out of bed (cathedar still in), so you'll have to ask the midwives for help with the baby (don't be afraid to ask). If you're interested in breastfeeding don't worry you can still do so easily - I started feeding when I got back to the ward.
Teapot30 Posts: 32
Hi Raglan, I had a section a few weeks ago.Didn't know what to expect so I know how your are feeling.I was kept in 5 nights. After the procedure was kept in recovery for 2 hours but think 1 hour is the norm, it was busy on my day so got delayed.Was bf so was anxious to get back to ward but baby was fine.First night was good, next morning had catheter taken out, was a little stiff but could have shower by myself and the only pain relief I needed from then on was panadol.Couldn't believe it. Best advice is to only take pain relief when you need it.Most hospitals give it every 4-6 hours to prevent build up of pain but as I didn't feel awful pain,just stiff to move I didn't need it.But needless to say everyone is different.I felt my recovery was very fast as I was not groggy & had no constipation from pain meds.Also get moving as soon as you are able as its most important for recovery. Overall it was a very positive experience and as it was my first baby I was nervous about that aspect as well but I came out of hospital recharged as I think the 5 nights of care helped me. Bleeding was light and lasted for 3 weeks. Really hope everything goes well for you, best of luck
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Even though it's your 2nd pregnancy it will be your first c-section - i think the getting out early on 2nd and subsequent babies only really applies to normal deliveries. In saying that I was let out after 4 nights but I healed/recovered really well, if I recover as well this time I will see if they will let me out after 3 - probably will be pushing it but we'll see - I might want to stay the 5 nights this time for a break :) You will still bleed after a section but not as much as a normal delivery apparantly, I only bled lightly for about 3/4 days until it went really light and brown (sorry!) more like the end of a period but it was like that then for a good 6 weeks, I only used the big green maternity pads for the first day or 2 I think then just used normal always pads. Good luck!
elpi Posts: 748
I had a section in June, bled for about a month afterwards but it was light enough after the first week or so. Recovery wise I found it completely fine. The hospital I was in get you up 6 hours afterwards and while I was a little stiff I felt fine and was able to move around easily enough. I took all the pain meds on offer.