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steen2009 Posts: 464
Just came into my mind, I had an emergency section with my DD (meconium -sp?) I am going to go semi-private in Holles street again. Will they want to do a planned section the second time or will it be VBAC. Think I might want to do the section - am I mad? O:|
Daff Posts: 11644
unless there is a reason they usually recommend a VBAC. They have special classes for it. But my friend waited til closer the time and said she wanted a c section and they booked it for her. YOu can't be induced this time so if you go over chances are you'll have a section anyway.
steen2009 Posts: 464
Thanks lovemybaby, I went 13 days over on DD, had the appointment for 9am the next morning :-8 Will wait and see, its strange the things that are coming into my head this time around. What am I going to be like year? O:|
Anonmama Posts: 239
If you want to attempt a VBAC, and it's medically possible, I imagine they will support you. If you want a section, explain your reasons and I'd imagine they will go with your choice. I requested a section this time, the consultant had no problem with it. You have plenty of time to decide, I didn't have to make a final decision until my appointment last week.
steen2009 Posts: 464
Thanks, Anonmama - best of luck :o)ll