camomile tea

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bettyboo!! Posts: 345
HI girls, I'm' 10 weeks pregnant and wondered if I can drink this tea, does anyone know?
mystery girl Posts: 5
congratulations, i'm 8 weeks pregnant and i drink herbal tea, i know later on near the end they say not to drink raspberry tea (maybe i stand to be corrected) as it can bring on labour but im not drinking that now anyway.
PrincessLea Posts: 436
Girls, You're not supposed to drink TOO mUCH green tea as it can slow the uptake of folic acid. Later on in hte pregnancy (aprox 34-35 weeks) you can start drinking raspberry leaf tea as it's good for helping tone the womb muscles. (no, it does not bring on labour but it helps make the contractions more effective once your having them, also helps hte womb regain it's shape quicker after the birth.) (to bring on labour you can try pineapple, it is supposed to work) (if you eat about 7 whole ones a day for a couple of days that is...) :o0 HTH :wv
HappyMum2010 Posts: 431
2 cups a day of camomile tea is fine :thnk
bettyboo!! Posts: 345
thank you for your replies girls :xxx Congrats on the pregnancy Mystery girl, are you on your first? This is my second :o)ll