Can anyone help with mullingar location for photos

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eve24 Posts: 34
Hi ladies im gettin married on friday in mullingar park hotel, Can anyone suggest nice grounds around that area for photos? Lakes, parks or anything?? I never thought about going off for photos untill now and now i dunno where would be nice. Can anyone suggest a place please xx
Knightsbride Posts: 115
Hi Eve, This is typically something your photographer should look into and recommend, that's what they're paid to do! Theres Fore Abbey and Lough Ennell, both would be lovely for pictures I'd imagine. The Bloomfield hotel also has nice gardens and a lovely jetty out the back. Hope you have a magical day x
dmcphotography Posts: 1365
Hi Eve24 As said by Knightsbride this should be something that your photographer can help you with. Even if they have not photographed a wedding in the area before they should have taken a trip to the area in advance to scout out potential locations for photos. However there are several locations available locally such as the grounds of Belvedere House just outside Mullingar on the Tullamore Road, there is a fabulous walled garden there as well as views over Lough Ennell from in front of the old house, but you would be as well to contact the office there to get permission in advance. Another location is just about 3-4 km outside Mullingar on the Longford Road where there is a car park and viewing area overlooking Lough Owel with its picturesque islands in the area. You could also go along the Canal between The Mullingar Park Hotel and The Annebrook Hotel. I hope these suggestions may be of help to you. David McLean
eve24 Posts: 34
Thank you both very much. Im waiting on the photographer to ring to discuss this xxx
ThatGeekBride Posts: 122
Hey :) Belvedere House is stunning as a location, both grounds which has access to the lake and the house itself is pretty. However, you will probably have to pay to gain access to the grounds. Alternatively there is Mullingar Golf Club, who you can approach and ask can you take pictures on the green. This would look like rolling hills with trees etc. Bloomfield House Hotel has amazing spots for pictures too, however you will probably have to ask to use the location.
denlo Posts: 124
Why not try something different? Instead of scenic lakes or gardens, head up the town and get some shots outside (and inside) Canton Caseys.