Can anyone recommend florist in Connaught

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Strawberri Posts: 14
Hello Ladies - florists let me down big time - they took all my details & exactlywhat I wanted and then took another booking! I need recommendations on florist that will do a great job n church etc. .. recommendations much appreciated.....
rocj Posts: 799
where in connaght are you. that will make big difference as not every florist travels
Hearts Desire Posts: 23
Hi, Sorry to hear you've been let down, I can recommend Vivo Flowers, check out her website, shes a friend of mine and I've been to loads of weddings that shes done the flowers for and all really unusual, she has some great ideas. Her name is Vivienne O'Brien. Best of luck. Lisa
bridezilla10 Posts: 22
I am using Brawns in Westport
Quiglep Posts: 150
Hey i was looking for florists on net this week theres a few in claremorris I havent talked to them yet. One lady in Westport I really liked her flowers -Tracys well shes outside westport. I have had a consult with Judy in Balla Florist shes really really lovley down to earth very easy to talk to. She picked up straight away what i wanted Not sure bout price yet shes to send it to me this week Good luck
Mayo Bride - Nov09 Posts: 76
Hi Strawberri, I am using Wardes florist in Claremorris. Aisling in there is brilliant and will give you loads of advice. HTH
friday bride Posts: 111
I am using the darling buds of may they are based between castlebar and ballina. They are traveling almost an hour and twenty to get to my church so very flexable with distance. My sister used them for her wedding and they were great to deal with then too. I have spoken to her about what i want and she understood straight away also she gave me some money saving ideas so she is very realistic. Hope this helps.
teletubby Posts: 406
hi strawberri, I recently booked judy Clarke from Manulla in Mayo. She works from her home and sounds really nice and seems to be very reasonable. pm if you would like her details
Strawberri Posts: 14
Thanks Everyone for your ideas - I should have been more specific - looking for a terrific florists within an hour of Boyle....
shivhammer Posts: 47
BArna Florist in Galway are very good