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Mrs Aol Posts: 292
Morning All, I really can't believe i am typing this but i done a pregnancy test this morning and got my BFP I am so thrilled and so is hubbie, i haven't stopped crying since i found out. I just wondering how do i calculate when i am due, my last period started 01st December, so do i count from that date of from ovulation.... I really can't believe that it's finally my turn, we have been trying for 6 months and i really thought that this month wasn't going to be our month either. I didn't have many symptoms really just AF type cramps for the past 2 weeks, some back pain and nausea (actually i stll have this) but i don't care, i will put up with this for the next 9 months if need be...... I better go and make an appointment with the doc to get it confirmed...
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
Hi Congrats again, I replied to you in TTC.
Me Julia Posts: 1352
congratulations to you both!!! You calculate from the first day of your last AF. Best of luck with the next 9 months!!!!
nea dude Posts: 749
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Congrats and have a great pregnancy!
YumYum Posts: 482
Congratulations :o)ll :o)ll If you last AF was the 1st December, then count 40 weeks from then so that means you are EDD is 6th September.
fire fly Posts: 1241
Many, many congrats :o)ll :o)ll
bree Posts: 1880
hi mrs aol... congratulations, u must feel completly elated !! enjoy it!!! generally u add 9months&one wk from the day of your last period & that should give you our due date but use an online calculater.. maybe try they have one on the left had side of there home page ( & wil tell you exactly whats happening with your baby , how its developing etc ) ..the Dr will give you your due date based on a 28day cycle but if its usually longer then add a few days for your own sanity ( so your not looking forward to the wrond date & go way over like i did : ) good luck with everything.. rest up & let DH look after all your needs !! brilliant new yr present !!! all u have to decide now is if u wana go public or private but if you'v a good GP he/she wil explain the differnce & the extra expense ( on top of your insurance ) that private will cost. anyway ..sorry this is an over load now, like i said ENJOY this time.... your on a life changing train now !! for the better!
oirish Posts: 1541
~Congrats Mrs !! What a great start to the new year :)
Ollola Posts: 5
Congrats Mrs AOL I'm the same as you.. so happy. I'm due on the 7 September.. we are made up. Cant wait to be able to tell every one now in a few weeks!
mrscat Posts: 1082
congrats, that's brill news!