The Community midwife scheme was never really explained to me but was recommended. I was told that I would meet all on the midwifes throughout my pregnancy. At 25 wks I have only had 2 visits to the community midwifes I have got the same girl, she is not very pleasant on this visit she made me feel like crap because I forgot a urine sample and couldnt pee on demand. Being my first baby I am pretty clueless on what I am suppose to do. At my last GP visit she told me to ring and book my ante-natal classes and she gave me the number I was booked in for thursdays @3.15 for 5wks. The midwife asked today if I had booked them and I said yeah starts Thursday in September she said thats the hospitals, when you are with community midwifes you do ours. So I rang at there is 2 classes in the evenings, which means that I will miss out on 5 half days from work. So my question is, can change my appointments and ante-natal classes to the hospital now instead of community midwifes or can someone who has done the community midwife scheme tell me if I will ever get to meet another midwife?