Can you go public but get private/semi room after birth?

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Tedsters Posts: 1688
So girls, just wondering can you go through the public system for antenatal care but then get private/semi room after birth? Or do you have to go private/semi all the way?
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
All the way I am afraid.... I was hoping that we could get a Private room as our VHI covers it but you have to pay the consultant fees!!! bit silly if you ask me!!
shocked22 Posts: 511
I know a girl who went public the whole way and when she rang along the way to ask about going semi private she was told by the semi private clinic to go public and get everything free but to phone them about 6 weeks before her due date to say that she wanted to go semi private on problem!!!
jen2 Posts: 3106
I think different hospitals have different policies. My next door neighbour went public last time but got a semi private room. My sister wanted to do the same in Holles Street but was told no. Jen2
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Thanks a mil for the feedback. Might just give them a call closer to the time just in case though!! It does seem a bit odd though.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I don't think so it seems a little unfair doesn't it?
leinster girl Posts: 29
even if you pay to be private you are not guaranteed a private room as it depends on availability. Hospitals like HS only have 10 private rooms. In this regard you can hardly exepct to be a public patient and then get a private or semi private room over people who have forked out over 4 grand on fees for private care. The priority will obviously go to them unless you are a very sick public patient, have severe complications or have lost your baby in which case you would probably be given a private room.