Car Q, 2 baby seats and booster?

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redroses Posts: 714
Hi Girls, just wondering if any of you are in the same sitution. In a couple months il be needing a vehicle to fit 2 maxicosi's and a booster seat. Just wondering does anyone have a salooon car that takes all 3 or do i need to upgrade to a people carrier? I had my mind set on geting a mondeo or passat for the boot space but its back seat space wel need now and boot space. any ideas or similar situations? Thanks
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
We just changed my car in the hope that we'll need more space in the next few years (pg!) and got a Ford CMax. It's not quite a people carrier (only one row of back seats) but it has a good boot and three distinct seats across the back, and it should take the seats you're talking about. I believe the Passat will take them all too, although I'd prefer a higher back seat for getting all the little ones in and out - when my sister changed from an estate Escort to a Meriva she couldn't believe the difference in her back from not having to bend down to get them in and out.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
I have a Passat estate & will have 2 maxi-cosis & a high backed booster across the back seat in 5 weeks time hopefully! I really didn't want a people carrier & the boot is huge so it was a godsend that the seats fit! I'd say the saloon version is the same width as the estate.
redroses Posts: 714
Thanks for the replies ladies. I think im going to try the seat combinations in a passat first, my uncle has one so will try that in the next few days. Good to know that it works for ye though. I want the three seats to fit comfortably and safely.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
If you have isofix bases, these will have to go beside the doors so the high backed booster will go in the middle. We've already moved DS1's seat into the middle, he thinks it's great being able to see out the front windscreen!