Changing from public to private care.

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Mrs Mai Posts: 763
hi Girls has anyone changed from public to private during your pregnancy? Did you have to pay the full cons fee? at what stage did you change over? My gp says it's possible but that was just in chatting I'm giving it more thought now. I suppose it'd be hard to get a cons. I'm just wondering if maybe it's be worth changing to private at the end of pregnancy, then the cons would be at the birth and you could get a private room (if avail). Wonder if it was possible would they charge a reduced amount? I know I'm prob clutching at straws. I've signed up to go public having had 3 babies privately, the only bit that bothers me really is if I needed a cons for the delivery and I really love having my own room.
Crostini Posts: 1105
didn't change during mine. i went public. don't worry about cons not being there if something goes wrong. My DS got into a bit of distress during delivery, alarms going off all over the shop and with in 5 secs of midwife pressing alarm button, the room was full of docs and nurses! You're not guaranteed a private room as you know, I'd guess that they'd charge you the full amount, as otherwise alot more people would change to private at the last minute.
theoracle Posts: 7664
Exactly as crostini said, a consultant will be there if needed! Don't worry, you will be in good hands, and as said a private room is never guaranteed so you will be taking a gamble.