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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi, i am sending off my Maternity Benefit forms tomorrow and have put on it that i want to start ML from 21st Dec. I have to send the form off at least 6 weeks before i want to start ML and 21st is in 7 weeks time. My question is, what if i changed my mind and wanted to take ML a week or 2 earlier? I do want as much time off with the baby as possible so will try and work as long as possible but i will have accrued 8 public holidays and 10 days annual leave by end of ML so thats another 3.5 weeks i would have off. Therefore if i was very tired i would consider starting ML a week or 2 earlier. Where would i stand with regard to getting my MB earlier then? Would i need to be signed off sick by doc or something like that?
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
Either get signed off sick or if you have any holidays use those up. Best of luck, not long now :o)ll
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Get a cert off your gyne or GP.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks girls, i wont have any hols, i had 12 left a month ago and i am taking one a week for the 12 weeks i had left so down to a 4 day week now which is great. Starting to not sleep great, my nose blocks up the minute i lie down, im using Olbas but its not doing anything and if i use a second pillow i get bad aches down my side. I sit in an office all day doing nothing for 10 hours but getting stiff and itchy. Ill proably be ok but just to have that option if i feel its getting too much.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
NLTG I haven't been out sick at all so far (touch wood) and there were times when all I wanted to do during first 14 weeks was lie in bed cos I was so sick of all the puking I did in work but I kept coming in. I realised then you've to look after yourself. I am playing it by ear but might take a few days between here and xmas to recharge my batteries.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi LMS im the same, i have taken 2 sick days this year one before i got pregnant and one when i was pregnant and both times i was quite sick. I put up with constant nausea until 16 weeks and forced myself into work. I do feel ok now but dont want to push myself towards the end of pregnancy if im not able for it. The doc in the hospital last week was quizzing me about my job and when i would take ML and told me to look after myself (even thought everything was fine).
breeze Posts: 1175
Im off sick this week with a urinary tract infection. It cleared up but was shattered from it, was getting sick at every moment, went to the dr and got a cert. Im finishing up work the end of Nov, taking 2 weeks holidays and statting ML on the 17th Dec. Im just shattered every day, and i could fall asleep standing up.
NewGirl Posts: 1143
Breeze, I was at doc Tues and said I have an infection also, I am on antibiotics for it but not off work, TBH i dont really feel sick with it, did you? Iam not that happy about having to thake the tablets but Im sure Doc knows best. I am very tired thought but was just putting it down to being 36 weeks, also I am training in my replacement at work so extra busy. Oh roll on 16th when ML starts.
bibikay Posts: 644
Hi NLTG There is no problem adjusting the start date for your ML - I did this exact thing last year. I had originally planned to work right up till 2 weeks beforehand, but at the end I was tired, couldn't sleep, sore hips etc etc, so I just spoke with manager and then applied to the Dept SW for my benefit to start 2 weeks earlier. There was no problem on either front . My benefit payment started a week late, but they back paid me for the week that they'd missed. At the time, loads of people thought I was crazy not to "go off sick", and told me. But, I believe that sick leave is for when you're sick and shouldn't be abused when you're not sick. Tiredness, being uncomfortable, not being able to sleep etc etc during pregnancy are, to me, not a form of sickness - this is just perfectly normal during pregnancy and can be anticipated. Hence I chose to just start my mat leave earlier. This time around I'm planning to leave 6 week before my EDD .. I will take the first 3 weeks as parental leave, and then start my mat leave 3 weeks before my due date. HTH!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks Bibikay, ill try to keep going as long as i feel ok but im not going to force myself into work if im not up to it. Thats why i was thinking about the additional hols i will accrue, i had forgotten abuot them so to me i was thinking i have almost 4 more weeks at the end so it wouldnt be too bad if i had to take more than 2 weeks of my ML at the beginning, i have those 4 weeks to play around with. Can i ask about the parental leave - do you have to already have a child to be entitled to that? It is unpaid isnt it?