Cheese.. which to avoid

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Mrs O C Posts: 47
Hi Girls, Quick one for you.. is all cheese out or is it just certain types? Also, is shell fish a complete no no... xmas party tom night & going to a seafood restuarant & noone knows i am preggers.... Thanks :xxx
TracyD Posts: 750
It's mainly the soft cheeses - here's a good article on it. ... eseexpert/ Have fun at the party ! Tracy
molls Posts: 149
Cooked soft cheeses are fine too. On shellfish, if they are cooked to a high enough temperature, they are fine. If you know this restaurant and trust them, I wouldn't be too worried about ordering a shellfish dish. Otherwise, just order a normal fish meal. Enjoy the party.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i ate prawns and scallops during the pregnancy as long as they were freshly cooked and served hot. I avoided mussels and anything that was served cold just because i reckoned there was a higher chance of food poisoning with food left to chill. with cheeses the ones to avoid are unpasteurised cheeses, mould ripened ones (eg camembert, brie etc) and the blue cheeses... cheddar and other hard cheeses, riccotta, mozarella, cream cheese, cottage cheese are all ok. not sure about feta but i'm pretty sure that the stuff you'd get in the supermarket is all pasteurized but i'm open to correction on that.
swissgirl Posts: 2301
There are 3 simple rules with the cheese 1. Avoid unpasteurized 2. Avoid cheese with a "skin" even if they are pausteurized (like bree) 3. Avoid live cheese (ie blue cheese)