Chief Bridesmaid or Matron of Honour?

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Buttons 2009 Posts: 147
Hey, This is wrecking my head at the moment. If my sister is my main bridesmaid and she is married is she a Chief or a Matron of Honour or does it really matter? The girls got T-shirts made up for my hen weekend and she was the Chief on hers so was thinking to keep her the Chief but not sure it's correct? O-O
irishpinky Posts: 49
Hey buttons, if the bridesmaid is married its usually matron of honour, if not and she is your chief bridesmaid then she is cheif!!! :xxx
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
like op said if she is married then shes matron of honour but my sis dosent want to be called that cos she thinks it sounds too old for her so we calling her CHIEF
Buttons 2009 Posts: 147
Thanks for the replies. My sister keeps calling herself the Chief too. It does seem to suit her better. That's all I hear I'm the Chief :o0