Children's Allowance & the Budget

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red_rubies Posts: 2424
Is it true that any household earning a combined salary of €50,000 will not receive children's allowance??
Faithful Nite Posts: 859
Oh God I hope that isn't true. I am really going to need that 166 euro. At the moment we earn jointly just under the 50k but he is due a 5% rise (whether he gets it or not is another thing) and that will def push us just above this. :o(
zoesmama Posts: 2774
they haven't decided yet whether they will tax or means test the Child Benefit. taxing would be easier for them admin wise but then Means Testing may mean they would save more money. the Commission on Taxation is looking at the whole thing and they are not due to complete their report until sometime between July - Sept. we won't know 'til the Dec Budget what the decision will be but no doubt there will be all sorts of rumours on thresholds going around until then. at the mo they seem to figure that 75k is a high salary (based on the levies /PRSI ceiling etc) so maybe that will be the threshold but somehow i feel it will be much much lower and lower that 50k too. :o(