christmas presents in work

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sinion Posts: 6050
I've just been given my 6th bottle of wine, all in one day! O-O
ginger nut Posts: 5989
lucky you sinion - I got some chocolates today but that's it so far. Enjoy the wine O-O and have a happy christmas :o)ll
cmor Posts: 638
Lucky you! I've gotten nothing - I know where I'll be headed on Christmas Day - Sinion household :o0
sinion Posts: 6050
haha, well if you're home for Christmas day you'll hear our lot around the corner getting merry on the wine :o0
clucky Posts: 26471
nada received here got a madeira cake last week though
mad woman Posts: 22106
nout neither, though DH got a box of roses and a bottle of wine.
sinion Posts: 6050
and we just got a load of breakfast delivered :o)ll
clucky Posts: 26471
[quote="Sinion":2kgzdbdp]and we just got a load of breakfast delivered :o)ll[/quote:2kgzdbdp] look here you why dont you go away to rock and roll is a memeber over there for her ''allegedly'' great fiance :o0 :o0
mad woman Posts: 22106
dozy hole here clicked into it! :-8 :duh: :duh:
Calendar Girl Posts: 567
I get Sweet FA, but my hubby got LOADS…..I swear we could open an off-licence, there’s about 10 bottles of Bacardi, Vodka, Whiskey…..and 6 hampers and about 20 box’s of Chocolate a DVD player and Vouchers…..I kid you not!!! Were giving the hampers away to the Local St Vincent de Paul and the Chocolates went to Mam’s and Aunties!!!!! The bottles were divided up between family (and I’m keeping the Vouchers!!!) The horder in me wanted to keep the LOT….but my hubby talked me around!!! :lvs