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newlywed2011 Posts: 363
hi girls getting married on 30th dec and just wondering what other xmas brides are doing for wedding favours..was originally going to have none but now thinking of doing one per couple. i was at a wedding 2 years ago and the favour they had was a christmas decoration - a star with personalised ribbon was lovely but not sure where to get these on a budget. any ideas appreciated!! :wv
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
Im not having a christmas wedding but you could have candy canes with a little tag+message from you and h2b on it... cheap and cheerful :)
LittleLily Posts: 3682
[quote="timeflys":24ifdnwb]Im not having a christmas wedding but you could have candy canes with a little tag+message from you and h2b on it... cheap and cheerful :)[/quote:24ifdnwb] Thats a great idea. [img:24ifdnwb][/img:24ifdnwb] ...and at [url=]these prices[/url:24ifdnwb] you could have one for every guest.
CakesAndFavours Posts: 66
I think the candy cane is a really good idea. Dont know if its any use but I had to buy pink candy canes a few months ago, got them from Quality candy canes are not the cheepest of sweet but thy are a substancial. The ones that were in the link were adorable but I think 6cm (2.5inches) may be a bit to small to put individully on each table (candy canes are usually about 16ish cm, 6 inches) but they would be lovely left in a bowl for guests to take.
Muse Posts: 1580
Lovely idea and very practical too. I noticed last week that Woodies have a range of silver tree decorations that are IDENTICAL to the Newbridge ones (I would know, because I have millions of them!), yet they are about half the price. You should check them out, they will be on a rotating stand. Seeing as it's one between two the price should suit you ok. They are all the same designs as the Newbridge ones anyway, so if you know their collection, you would have a fair idea of them. They have a Church one, which could be nice?
FinallyMrsH Posts: 358
I'm having snowflake Christmas decorations in a blue box and putting them in white and silver snowflake organza bags. They cost about €220 for 288 pieces. An American website can't find the link (they're described as bookmarks)
Muse Posts: 1580
They sound really lovely!
DoMeAFavour Posts: 329
Hi there 301210 If you are looking for favours that won't blow the budget you should keep our Christmas Organza favour bags in mind. [img:1nyojr2k][/img:1nyojr2k] They are a lovely white organza favour bag decorated with a festive silver snowflake pattern. Until the end of November we are offering these bags for just 85 cent with a pair of Cadbury Dairy Milk Miniatures absolutely free. Check out the link below; ... avour-bags This weeks special offer is our purple top hat favour reduced to €2.75, also with two free Cadbury Dairy Milk Minatures. See details on the link ... hat-favour Any questions, please get in touch. Best wishes with the remaining plans - you are getting married next month :eek :eek Sinead & Dora
wonderwife Posts: 463
I'm putting these in DIY crackers which double as a place setting or they would be fab on their own. ... /1647.html There's also a Xmas pud version which I think are nicer but didn't fit in my cracker ;-( Also they're on 3 for 2 at the minute with a free box of chocs worth £10 on any order over £20 (code WA18)
Jawl Posts: 8881
I'm doing christmas baubles. Sticking to golds/bronzes to tie in with my colour scheme. 50 baubles in Penneys is about 5 euros. Then I got some personalised ribbon in my BM colours in E.Bay, ordered 200. Was £5. Buy a gold glitter pen to write the names on each ball. They will double up as a place setting. Total cost..... Baubles: 15 euros Ribbons: 7 euros Glitter Pen: 5 euros Total: 27 euros for 150 favours/place settings.