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over the moon Posts: 676
Hi girls, Just back from walking up the town and am so embarrassed. I was walking down the Main St not a bother and next thing I went flying, didn't fall on my belly thank god but arms, legs, bottle water went everywhere. I stood up as quick as I could but started crying with fright, two girls I know ran over to me and I was mortified. Anyway I'm laughing about it now but janey keep thinking of what I could have done, F**king flip flops, I'm such a clumsy clogs!!! Just wanted to share my silly experience. [url=][img:37zz42a6][/img:37zz42a6][/url:37zz42a6]
grumpy Posts: 1280
You poor thing! I'm a clutz too, but am strangely poised since getting pregnant! I know exactly how you feel. You're all embarrassed, you're in a bit of shock, you're worried and mostly, you want to laugh to stop the sympathetic glances that [i:26c79rzn]really[/i:26c79rzn] make you want to cry. Have a cup of tea and a biccie and sort your nerves out. (And by the way, falling on your belly probably wouldn't have done any harm seeing as you're so early on, it's only when you've big pregnant belly you need to worry.)
over the moon Posts: 676
Thanks winter wedding, am having a cuppa as I write this. Think I may wear something other than flip flops from now on. [url=][img:ebyzy186][/img:ebyzy186][/url:ebyzy186]
grumpy Posts: 1280
Probably a good idea ;)
Its a Secret Posts: 178
Listen, You are not alone. In the car, I backed into one of those big blue signs on an island. I keep hitting kerbs when I turn. I told a friend and she said women a more likely to have little tips in their car when preggers- due to lack of concentration and tiredness. :shock: I am only 7.5 weeks now and am dreading driving for the next 7- but I have to. Mind yourself!
woonoo Posts: 78
Yes, my parking's gone to the dogs, I'm forgetting everything too
over the moon Posts: 676
Girls, well it is great to know that I'm not alone, seems to be alot of us clumsy clogs out there thanks to those pregnancy hormones especially!! [url=][img:3hld67l2][/img:3hld67l2][/url:3hld67l2]
grumpy Posts: 1280
I'm glad to hear the driving thing! I scrapped some poor fella's car in Blanch last weekend and caused €200 worth of damage :oops:. Could have been worse though, I was lucky it was a jeep and it was just his bumper, but its an 06 and I felt sooooooo bad. (Am also blaming it on the knacker who walked into the spot I'd been waiting on for 5 mins and refused to move cos she was "saving it for her mammy" gggrrrrrrrrrr >:o( )