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Leogirl1983 Posts: 200
Hi all Just wondering if any of you have experience with the cocoonababy? We are thinking of getting one and just using it from birth in a full size cot. I know a lot of people start off with a moses basket/crib but I think the cocoonababy is meant to give the baby a sense of security anyway so there is no issue with using it in a big cot. Also i dont actually think you can use it in a moses basket anyway. also when you stopped using the cocoonababy did you have issues getting the baby to setting without it? Thanks a mill :) Dee
princesselm Posts: 240
I don't have personal experience as they seem to have only taken off since I had my last baby 2 years ago, but every baby I know since then has had one and all of my friends swear by them. seriously, they credit it with their babies being good sleepers. on that basis I've recommended it to people and they've all come back telling me it's brill! i'm expecting number 3 and I am 100% getting one (well hopefully borrowing one but failing that i'd happily buy it if it means more sleep!)
Burnham Posts: 153
Hi I have a Cocoonababy and I think it's brilliant. My baby is now 7 weeks old and sleeps peacefully every night. She is a real wriggler so it is a comfort to know she can't jam her legs/arms in the side of the cradle. I am delighted we bought it. It was an expensive purchase and one that was not necessary but if I had my time again I would buy it twice over. You would need a cradle with it rather than a Moses Basket as it is too big for a Moses Basket. If you've any other questions let me know!
Burnham Posts: 153
Just saw your line about using it in the cot. I think that is very sensible and don't see why it wouldn't work out. Another thing that is handy about it is if you want to co-sleep/chill out in bed with your baby then you just plonk it in the bed!
GigglingMonkey Posts: 514
We got given one as a present and to be honest I don't think they are all that great. My son slept in it no problem but he slept just as well in the basket, pram cot and cot etc. Personally I wouldn't spend the money on one as they are very expensive especially considering they only last up to the baby is 3-4 mths old.
Leogirl1983 Posts: 200
Thanks all Just wondering if its in a cot do you still need to put it to the bottom of the cot as i know if you were just putting the baby straight into the cot you have to have him/her at the bottom :) with regard to price i was thinking it would save us buying a crib/moses basket as the baby could go straight to a cot without feeling that the cot was too big as he/she would be quite cosy in the cocoonababy.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
The idea behind putting a baby's feet to the bottom of the cot is to prevent them from wriggling underneath blankets, so if they can't wriggle with the cocoonababy it doesn't matter what position it is in in the cot.... Out of interest, what way do blankets work with the cocoonababy?
Leogirl1983 Posts: 200
oh yes i meant to ask that question too. do you just put a regular cellular blanket over the baby? im assuming a baby would be warmer in a cocoonababy then lying directly in the cot so I wouldnt want to use too many blankets?
Burnham Posts: 153
We just use regular Cellular Blankets. I didn't bother buying the spare undersheet. It was about 30e. Instead I use a fitted sheet for a crib and it works fine. There is no need to put the Cocoonababy at the end of the cot as the baby can't get out of it. I was unwell yesterday and on my own with our baby. I was able to place the Cocoonababy beside me in the bed so I could see her without moving etc.. It was actually a life saver as I would have really struggled to get up and down to her. Personally I would be concerned I would sqIuash her if I just had her on the sheets. Just me being paranoid...
piscesprincess Posts: 481
We used one for DS. I don't think it's the miracle solution to sleep problems that the reviews suggest but it is good. DS got very upset if I put him down straight after a feed (maybe a touch of reflux) and he settled much better in the cocoon. I used it mostly in the bed beside me - I wasn't that comfortable having it in the crib as it put him very high - the sides weren't much higher than him. It would have been fine in a cot though. I just used cellular blankets. To be honest, it was very handy but it's very expensive for what it is - DS is our first so maybe if we use it again for another baby or two it might be worth it!