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mrs bwin Posts: 242
Did anyone give up coffee while TTC or just when you found out you were expecting? Do you thing it makes a massive difference to TTC?
mila Posts: 698
I'll be ttc in about 2 weeks time, and although I haven't gut it out completely, I've drastically reduced my intake over the past few months. Ttc or not, it was no harm for me to do it - I was getting FAR more caffeine than was recommended, so it's better all around this way. I don't know if it really makes much difference or not, but I'll probably cut it out altogether if I am lucky enough to be 'with child' soon. I'm down to a mug a day now, so I'll just have the odd cup of tea, and I'd say I wouldn't really notice it much. Cutting down on coffee and red wine has been the most challenging thing about this whole process for me so far!!! I feckin' hope it's worth it...... :lol: