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Re: Coming home with baby!

Postby MrsBraxton » Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:26 pm

We started being stricter with Buddy and making him go into his bed rather than constantly climbing all over us when we were on couch watching TV. We have a baby gate on stairs anyway and he's not allowed upstairs unless we let him. We've also started ignoring him more - in the nicest possible way! Before he got a lot of attention and we know once baby comes it just won't be possible to give him that level of attention so now we'll sit and watch TV, cook dinner etc and not pay him any attention and he's happy to lie beside us. Took a while, at first he did everything to get us to pay attention to him!

He's gone so gentle with me, he won't jump on me anymore and if he's on couch and wants to lie beside me/on my knee he is v slow about how he does it. He'll lie beside me first on couch and then v carefully put his head or paw on my knee but won't touch my tummy. Whereas with dh he climbs all over him not caring where he stands!

We have asked MIL to come down to him when I go into hospital so he's still walked and has company. He absolutely loves her so doubt he'll even notice we're gone!

Agree with the post about ensuring child has respect for dog also as they grow up. They need to know how to treat dogs etc and hopefully the 2 of them will be great friends!



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