coming off pill

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dub2010 Posts: 378
hi we want to TTC as soon as we get married but i was just wondering would it be better to come off pill a few months before wedding to try regulate period or after we get married..dont want any surprises in the run up
milis Posts: 7998
It's really your own decision. Everyone has very different experiences coming off the pill. Some people put on weight, their skin gets bad, their cycles are all over the place. For other people their bodies go back to normal straight away. Do you want to risk having AF for your wedding day and honeymoon?
dub2010 Posts: 378
no not really...didnt think there were side effects to coming off..probably best to stay on it so until after the wedding and just hope for the best.. thanks a mil x
cobby Posts: 250
I came off it Aug last year as I had heard it can take up to a year to get it out of your system. I was on it for 10 and was starting to worry. I had no effects coming off the pill and we got a BFP in the first month we tried. [/quote]