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Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Are you all getting the your small your big etc etc??? Im getting your very big for 6 months, :o( doesn't help a girls confidence does it pregnant or not, I dont have a neat bump and i have gained loads of weight all over, im top heavy and boobs got so big from day 1. I have 2 weddings coming up soon and i was going to go in trousers and top but just feel like a frump, im losing my confidence which i know is silly but cant help it. so you feel like this ever? some girls gain very little weight but i seem to be carrying loads... O:|
under construction Posts: 3458
Ah stop, 2 weeks before i was due one of the girls in work said to me, UC god you are just all bump i mean you haven't put on much weight, then this yoke stands up in front of the office and says, sure you weren't that skinny to begin with really :-8 how would she know she was only working there 3 weeks !!! :eek
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
:ooh :ooh oh my god such a thing to say, some people are so bitchy, i find the men are nicer and always ask how you feel, the ladies are not as friendly in the offices at work. Just keep looking me up and down. :o0
bride. Posts: 3014
It's madness isn't it, they wouldn't pass comment if you weren't pg but for some reason it's a freeforall when you are at your most sensitive! I've been told I'm very big as well and it really upset me - even though I am and it's purely my own fault because I eat too much. Still, don't need to be told!
Me Julia Posts: 1352
well one of the girls in work who has 3 children said to me they would need to get the doors widened for me to fit through soon!!!!! I wanted to take her scrawny little neck and shake it!! So dont worry a lot of us get nasty comments. Unfortunatley i got more comments as time progressed through the pregnancy, however i ended up having a gorgeous near 10lb baby girl so thats why the bump was so big!!
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
thats it, its all worth it in the end isnt it? Bride im the same a lot of the weight is my own fault, im always hungry, if i let myself go hungry for awhile i will over eat to fill myself, looking forward to the diet afterwards. :o( I cant believe the women that have kids say these things.
charlie19 Posts: 65
Hi Girls, I know exactly what ye are talking about, I used to get that alot to, and being 5ft and very little, im sure i looked even bigger. But i found one way to shut them all up. When people commented on the size of my bump, I used to tell them i had a good excuse for looking a little on the round size, and ask them could they explain what there excuse was. They were'nt long turning on there heel then and walking away. Enjoy your pregnancy and the very best to ye all and yer bumps....
Toots12 Posts: 894
It's mad isn't it though - I mean, people wouldn't be so quick to comment on your body if you weren't pregnant though! (As in, god, look at your arse, it's really big isn't it?!) I'm quite tall and have a couple of tops that hide the bump really well, so I've actually had loads of people tell me that I don't look pregnant at all, and certainly not 6 months pregnant. To tell you the truth, that actually upsets me a bit, as it starts me wondering if babs is growing properly etc.... my bump is a normal size and would be bigger looking on a smaller person... anyway - rant over!
fifi28 Posts: 481
hi had to post was in the zoo recently with my 8 month pregnant sister and kids, there was a pregnant cow in the pets corner and a random man who was standing beside us with his child pipes up and says "bet you feel a bit like her" ie the cow and directed at my sister . i have to admit at the time i couldnt help laughing ( once i was in safe distance from my sis ) but honestly some people have no tact whatsoever !!!!
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
One of the women in work siad to me yesterday "your getting bigger and not just your bump" and she pointed at her boobs!!! I nearly died