Compression Socks

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geeklover Posts: 831
Anyone else have to wear these? If so, do you find they are hurting you? I've just been wearing mine 2 days, and the back of my legs, just at my knees are aching! It's probably just my legs getting used to them, but it's quite uncomfortable. Anyone else in the same boat? Thanks ladies! :wv
Mrs Snuffleupagus Posts: 554
I've been wearing them too and sometimes my calves feel a little achy. Maybe it is that they are working (I'm not too sure). They have been great for helping with the swelling so keep wearing them ! I don't think anything will stop the swelling for me now except feet up :( :wv
geeklover Posts: 831
Thanks a mil for the response, I'll keep wearing them for sure. If nothing else they're helping keep me nice and cosy as they days are getting colder! Thanks again. :wv