Constant Cramps

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mrsmar Posts: 14
Hi girls, Im 5 almost 6 weeks gone, the past week or so I have cramps. I know that cramps are part of early pregnancy but they are constantly there. They are not severe but are niggling away day and night. I'm just wondering did anyone else have this if so can you take panadol for it? Thanks.
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
hi ya pet i had these too at that time, try using a hotwater bottle,(not too hot tho, use one of the ones with the covers) and rest up for yourself, take time to save some energy. hope u feel better soon :lvs :action31
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Sorry for TMI :hic .....could you be constipated? In relation to taking panadol. Mixed opinions on this but most hospitals/doctors advise not taking panadol before 12 weeks.
Spoilt Princess Posts: 141
Hi Mrsmar! I'm having the exact same thing - I'm not taking anything for them, just trying to rest a small bit. It's not like they are agony or anything, it's slightly worrying because they're always there and I never noticed this on my DD 4 years ago. I'm sure it'll all be fine - all the books say that cramping is normal in early pregnancy and it's only if it's accompanied by bleeding that it's a worrying sign.
Piggle Posts: 1770
Hey, I had these right up to my 12 weeks and a little after it actually, I worried myself sick and searched the net morning noon and night, the doc and my midwife said its normal and not to worry once you arent bleeding, she said not to lift anything and to take it easy, do use a heat pack or waterbottle. I used to wake up with them they were so bad! Apparently at your stage its the placenta attaching itself to the uterus so its bound to cramp (thats what they told me :) ) Congrats by the way.
cailinbeag Posts: 91
I had period like cramps for hte first couple months both times. I think its quite common. Try to mind yourself.
mrsmar Posts: 14
Thanks for the replies girls. I dont have bleeding or any other worrying symptons. I dont want to take tablets for it at this stage as its not very severe. I'll take your advice and rest with the hot water bottle. Its a great excuse to put the feet up and let DH do all the housework - might as well get away with it while I can!!! :wv