Coombe - Q about 1st visit???

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Augustmum Posts: 686
Hi Ladies, I hope someone can help me out. I got my letter from the Coombe the other day and my first appointment is the 12th of Jan (I will be 11weeks+2days) in Naas hospital where the antenatal services are held. It says in the letter that my medical history & bloods will be taken and an ultrasound appointment will be arranged for a later date. Is this the norm? I thought I'd have an ultrasound on my first hospital appointment. This is my first so I am pretty clueless :-8 I will arrange a private one at about 12-13weeks just to make sure everything is ok. Thanks! :thnk
macsmissus Posts: 928
Hi octgal, Same happened to me and I am attending Naas clinic also (public). On my 1st appointment with the midwife she did bloods, weight, blood pressure, lots of Q's on medical history. They asked me at that appointment if I could come back the following morning to meet with the consultant and he did the 1st scan. I heard of this happening to a few people so maybe have the following morning free if they do ask you to come back? They brought me back at 9am so I had the 1st appointment with consultant.