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noon Posts: 229
Girls Looking for some advice. I have a fairly large bust (34DD) which Im very self conscious about. My dress has a corset top but Im thinking of getting a corset from Intimate Lingerie also. Would this be too much? Anyone else doing this?
SineadJan06 Posts: 125
Hi Noon :D (High Noon........... :lol: ) If you have you dress you should bring it with you to Int. Lingerie. Pauline is very good and she'll tell you what best to do. :D
Dara Posts: 22
Ha ha! I'm a flipping 32FF (all natural I swear!!). I got my corset from Pauline in Intimate lingerie last year and it cost €170. I know it seems a lot compared to BTs and Arnotts etc but I couldn't buy suitable underwear off the shelf. Pauline can be a bit vocal (!!!) especially if you're late for the appointments but she knows her stuff. I didn't bring my dress in with me for the measuring as it wasn't ready, she put the corset on me and draped a sheet around me (like a toga!)and I couldn't believe the difference it made. It gave me a classic hour glass shape. My dress wasn't strapless and was slightly boned. My BM came in with me with the dress to collect the corset and Pauline took loads of time showing her how to put it on me and told us to come back if we needed help again. I wore it a couple of times around the house just to get used to it - it should be comfortable, if its not you need to adjust it. I was bopping all night long with maximum support! I really loved the shape and the support it gave me. HTH. PS She gave me some advice - wear a different bra each day, wear them twice and then wash your bras on a delicate wash in a pillowcase!
emmatray Posts: 4
im also 34DD and am planning on a strapless dress. im definatly getting a corset/basque for underneath. not only is it great support for your bust it also takes a few cms of your waist which is good!! am i right girls!!!!!! :D