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boneym Posts: 11
HI came off pill in Feb, got first period about 7 weeks later and have not got any period since ( 5 weeks ago). have cramps in my stomach, kinda like pains in my ovaries. i am nauceous (almost got sick yesterday on my hubbys fry). BUT took a test yesterday and it was negative. is it too early to tell or am i just not pregnant at all?
Soho Posts: 182
It probably is too early yet to tell I'd hold off for a while. Not to get your hopes up but symptoms sound quite like mine - I couldn't stand even the smell of frys - I would have to leave the room and definitely had those crampy pains. Good luck.
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
hey was just reading your post as i have similar pains and was just wondering how you gettin on?
boneym Posts: 11
HI Was away last week so only catching up on WOL posts now. Unfortunately, I am not pregnant. period arrived about 5 days after those pains. period pains maybe? dunno. still trying anyhow...