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GalwayGuy Posts: 1
Hi Guys, So we just got married on Friday and I feel I have to warn people not to use the wedding band Delorean as they didn't bother to show up for our wedding or notify us that they wouldn't be attending. It was only when the hotel wedding planner came to our table at 8:30pm to say that the band hadn't set up and had we a contact number for them that realised something very bad was up. We got married in the Galway Bay Hotel, fantastic staff btw. The band are from Dublin. After a huge amount of panic and stress my wife and I retired to our room to compose ourselves before we rejoined our party. Around this time one of the band members decided to ring us at 11:10pm to say why they weren't attending. This person informed that Tom, one of the band members was in hospital in Dublin, with a mystery illness. I asked what was wrong with him and he didn't know. I don't believe a word of it. At the very latest the band should have been on the road for Galway at 5:00pm. Look I know things can happen but even if Tom was ill and he did all the organising for the band one of the other band members could have googled the hotel and got their number, rand ahead and we could have organised someone else. We were very lucky that we had our own DJ booked as Delorean were trying to push their own DJ on us. We would have been rightly screwed. No music at all. I feel so sorry for my wife. She is still so upset that her big day was ruined by these jokers. So girls and guys if ye are planning your big day do not get the wedding band Delorean. It's not worth the pain, hurt or anger.
clarebearryan Posts: 1
GalwayGuy, That is terrible! So sorry to hear that, not something you want to have to deal with on the evening of your wedding. Hopefully you can still look back at your memories.
bridalbride Posts: 35
OMG Galway Guy! So sorry to hear this! :ooh We are having our reception next year in Galway and had these on my list to contact! Will not be contacting them now :eek Came on here to check reviews on them so thank you so much for putting this up! As you said these things happen and can happen to any band at any stage BUT the lack of contact or pretty much none in this case is inexcusable! You could have organised someone local at 5pm or the hotel i'm sure would have gotten someone like a musician if prior notice was given. Don't think they will be getting many booking after this! Thanks again :wv
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Absolutely ridiculous! I'm so sorry this happened to you and your wife! I'm so glad you had the DJ tho! Their excuse is not nearly good enough especially in this business, Ive seen these lads gig before in Dublin and I know people that know them and I must say they come across very smug and have a high opinion of themselves, not surprised they treat their customers like this. I hope you's can move on I'm sure the rest of your day was great and you can focus on that!!!
The Irish Rat Pack band Posts: 7
So sorry to hear this. We have done over 1,000 weddings since 2002 and never failed to show up. It's The only rule on Showbiz that the show goes on. Would recommend the wedding band association for anyone looking for a band. Lots of pick from and all with long term history and references The Irish Rat Pack
Foxxyred Posts: 21
Being honest, I have this band booked for my wedding and I have complete faith in them. Brilliant band. Don't let a once off thing put you off them. None of us know what happened. I do feel sorry for this bride and groom. Its a crap thing to have happened. Having said that I think the way this band are being attacked on their Facebook as disgusting. There's no need for it. Put in a complaint, yeah grand but for everyone to start attacking them and saying their parents should be ashamed of them and saying wait'll the next time they come down to Galway....not on. Its bullying. Obviously something serious happened, serious enough that they couldn't make it down. No one here or the mob on Facebook seems to know what that was. And we don't need to know. Its none of our business. But I doubt these guys did this for the laugh or weren't bothered to show up.
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maybride2017 Posts: 232
@Foxxyred would love to know if you still feel this way if it happens at your wedding! And they do know what happened, they should have been on the road from about 5 and didn't hear till 11.15pm so in the space of 6 hours no body bothered to get in touch, that's what happened. End of, no excuses this is a business, a business that affects people's once in a life time day and they ruined it, if they cant conduct themselves in a business manor they shouldn't do it.
Foxxyred Posts: 21
No we don't know what happened. WE weren't there. Its between the bride, groom and the band. You know nothing of what happened or anyone else here. We don't know the reasons. So don't jump down my throat for it. Someone could have died. You don't know. So do you think its perfectly fine the way their "friends" are going on about this? Hurling abuse at people who don't agree with them? Cos I don't.
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Ah to get into an argument on the internet or not? Nope not, im an adult.
Foxxyred Posts: 21
Ah when you used to be able to have adult conversations with people. I miss that. Even when it was disagreements. Im allowed to have my opinion. Just like you are yours. Name calling, like these people did is uncalled for. No one deserves to be attacked for their opinion. I guess I'll leave it at that thought cos you're too "adult" for this conversation