Depressed - going to doctor

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Gone2007 Posts: 4182
After literally years of feeling like crap I am taking myself off to the doctor at lunchtime today. I've felt for ages like I just can't handle the normal day to day things that don't seem to bother other people but it came to a head yesterday when I had an upset stomach, it was too much on top of just normal stresses that i was on the verge of tears for hours and had to go home sick. This morning i missed my bus by seconds and burst into tears at the busstop. i can't go on like this, I have too many good things in my life to waste it feeling crap. i don't know what to say to him though - do I march in and say "I feel shit - dope me up" or do I they through the routine of blood tests and what have you to make sure it's not something else?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Im so sorry Ger you are feeling like that,we all have off days,weeks but as you said its all the time.Could it be you are stressed about the wedding?I guarantee the doctor will probably put it down to that. You have done the right by going to see your doctor,just relax yourself and explain what you are feeling. Let it all out as sometimes strangers give the advice,keeping it bottled up isn't good. take care of yourself
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
hi ger u are not alone i had a full on water works weekend crying for no reason at all luckily my friend pulled me back to the land of the living and suggected i start taking omega oils etc , i am collecting them tonight , they cost 27€ over the counter but i have forgotten the name :oops: I will get the name to you tomorrow if you like
Gone2007 Posts: 4182
Thanks girls. i've promised myself so many times I would go but kept chickening out so i thought if i actually said it to someone - even anonymously online - it would make me go. I just rang the clinic to doublecheck it would be ok to just walk in at lunchtime like it usually is but just my luck he is mad busy and is only doing appointments for a couple of days, but i am going in to him in the morning. Plaza - good luck with your oils. i'm taking evening primrose oil which worked great for a while, so maybe it is something hormonal.
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
Hi ger rang my friend in the chemist and the pills are called Udo's Choice, you can read about them on Cheers Plaza
Paul Hurley Posts: 179
Great advice Plaza I've been recommending [b:qvefpwjp]Udo's Choice[/b:qvefpwjp] to all my clients since 1999. Udo Erasmus does lots of seminars around the world and often comes to Ireland. Check out his book "[b:qvefpwjp]Fats That Heal,Fats That Kill[/b:qvefpwjp]" - it's a must read. Go to and you'll see the multiple benefits of Udo's Choice There are many nutritionally related causes of depression - the main one is erratic changes in a person's blood sugar level throughout the day. This is often causes by people not even often enough and eating and drinking too much sugar, stimulants (e.g. coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol) and smoking. Small changes in the way you eat and how frequently you eat can make a huge difference.
december Posts: 1141
Depression can also be caused by our inability to deal with situations that have happend to us. Very often, we feel that we have dealt with these situations, but that's not always the case. Perhaps you could consider looking at the reasons for your depresion and tearfulness and not just treat the symptoms. You don't have to sign up to therapy or book yourself into rehab, but talking to a counsellor could help you, and may ultimately give you the tools that you need to deal with any future events.
Paul Hurley Posts: 179
Free Yourself From Depression by Michael Yapko is a great book See
uptheaisle Posts: 182
Go to the doctor Ger. Alternative therapies are all very well, but they should not be pursued at the exclusion of conventional therapies. If you are clinically depressed you won't be cured by oil supplements or a self help book. There is a growing body of medical evidence that suggests that clinical depression (not just feeling down every so often) is a biochemical disorder, caused by an imbalance of cerebral neurotransmitters. Antidepressant therapies are improving, although they are still a fairly blunt instrument, given that we still know so little about the brain and how it works. I am not going to offer any advice other that that you should go to the doctor, since I am not a psychiatrist, or even a GP. Unlike our friend Paul here, who seems to be the world expert on everything. :D :D :D
wishful Posts: 12
hi ger, i just wanted to say that i was in the same boat as you for a long time. feeling lousy and tearful at the most stupid of things. i thought it was post natal depression after having my son a year and a half ago, because i seemed so much worse since then. i kept chickening out of going to see my doctor, but 2 months ago i decided enough was enough and finally went to see him. as soon as i sat down in the chair i just blurted it all out and started bawling, but i had to say he was fantastic. he diagnosed me with severe depression, and prescribed me antidepressants after talking me through everything that was going on. leaving the doc's office i already felt better knowing it wasn't all in my head, like i thought. ive been taking the anti depressants nearly 2 months now and i feel 100 times better already, im not 100 percent yet, but getting there. i just wanted to wish you all the best and hope your feeling better really soon. brebee, xx