Dessy Twist Dresses

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bellshmc Posts: 11
Hi Just wondering if anyone knows of any bridal shops carrying the Dessy twist dresses in the north - preferably in the Belfast area? There's quite a few shops carry Dessy but they don't outline if they carry that specific dress. The Dessy versions seem to be a lot cheaper than Eliza and Ethan so if anyone had any feedback that'd be great! Thanks all :wv
craftyPB Posts: 2625
When I was dress shopping about a year or a year and a half ago, none of the stockists in Belfast that stocked Dessy, had the twist in stock, but they may have now. I just rang them and asked... For Dessy, I'd highly recommend The Bridal Lounge - Olga there is amazing!!
bellshmc Posts: 11
Thank you! I've emailed the Bridal Lounge and think I'll go there even if they don't have that dress. Thanks for help