Devastated - very high FSH level :-(

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lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi girls, Can anyone help me if you know anything about this please? I am just devastated as I found out today that my FSH level is 22!!!!! :ooh :ooh :ooh This apparently means that it would be almost impossible for me to get pregnant again which I cannot even wrap my head around right now. I was at the GP last week and asked to get bloods done as I am having trouble losing weight so wanted to see if my thyroid was an issue and also wondered if being overweight was affecting my glucose levels, liver, kidney, cholesterol, etc. I had to fast the night before and got my bloods done on Friday last week. On the day I asked for them to also test my FSH levels just to be sure all was working as DH and I wanted to start trying for baby 2 in a few months. I wasn't anticipating a problem. My cycle is 28 days so periods are regular since I stopped taking the pill in December. I breastfed DS fully until he was 7 months then kept it up just once a day until he was a year so only fully stopped breastfeeding about 6 weeks ago in case any of this is relevant. So anyway, my GP rang me tonight at 8pm and all the other results were great. Cholesterol of 4.1, no thyroid issue, liver, kidneys, glucose, iron, folic acid all perfect. However he said my FSH level was 22!!!!! :o( When I had it tested less than 2 years ago in 2009 it was 8.9 and DS was conceived soon after that. We had been trying for 5 months to conceive then. I cannot get my head around how it could go so downhill so fast? I did just turn 37 in January but jaysus I'm not ready for menopause or ovary shutdown surely????? DH is 31 by the way. I was on Day 4 of my cycle when my bloods were taken by the way. I have been researching online all night and cannot figure out what to think. Everything I am seeing is saying that I've no hope at all and on one fertility clinic website they said they would not even bother treating a woman at all even with IVF if they had such a high FSH level!!!! :eek What does this mean for me? How could it happen like this so fast? This was my worst nightmare - I have heard of so many couples having difficulty conceiving the second time around now it looks like I don't even have a chance???? From what I've read there is nothing I can even do to help the situation which is horrific. Losing weight would not even have an impact. My GP has said he's getting me to come in for a day 21 progesterone test and then may refer me on to someone. Please does anyone have any advice or experience in this area?????? :o( (by the way I didn't post this in the TTC forum as I wasn't sure if that was an insensitive thing to do if I have a child already? I'm sure a lot of knowledge is there but not sure it would be right to do?)
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
Excuse me for butting in here :-8 Lolly, you shouldn't worry about posting asking questions on the ttc board, ttc is ttc regardless of if you no kids or 20. FSH can be a funny thing, on it's own it doesn't necessarilly mean much, one should certainly have a repeat test before panicing. No harm to wait and see what the progesterone test says anyway. There's 2 options for you after that. First, you could wait for next month and see what day 2 bloods are then, if it's a very bad result then I would go and get an AMH test done to see what that says, it is a much more reliable test for ovarian reserve. The other option is to just skip the second FSH test and go looking for the AMH test right now, that can be done at any time of the month. Hope you get a better result and things work out for you whatever you do.
Daff Posts: 11644
oh Lolly. I'm so sorry to read this. I haven't a clue about any of it, never even heard of a FSH level test til now so I'm no use at all. I just will be praying for you for another LO cause I know how much you really want another baby :lvs :babydust:
wifin Posts: 4761
Oh Lolly hugs :action32 I would definitely try to get a full work up and AMH done so you know where you stand. It does seem to be a very quick shift from ovaries that were relatively very healthy to FSH that high. Fingers crossed you get better results on the new tests :lvs :lvs :lvs We were trying for 18 cycles so was on the TTC forum for a while and the support there is brilliant. When I was there, there was a very long thread of women who were trying to conceive their 2nd + LO so there is plenty of support there x I also found the forums of fertilityfriend very good for info. Hugs and if you need a chat, you know where I am :lvs
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Thanks girls. What is an AMH test? WHat does it show and when can you get it done? I still can't get my head around all of this. I stayed home from work today because I'm just too upset.
brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi ya God so sorry to hear this-but I wouldn't take the results of just one test and allow them to decide my fate. I had 2 mc after having my lo -i thought number 2 would be no proble,-now pg with number 2 and all going well so far-sorry I digress FOund this on AMH ... an_hormone "from 25 years of age AMH declines to undetectable levels at menopause.[6] AMH is expressed by granulosa cells of the ovary during the reproductive years, and controls the formation of primary follicles by inhibiting excessive follicular recruitment by FSH. It, therefore, has a role in folliculogenesis,[7] and some authorities suggest it is a measure of some aspects of ovarian function, useful in assessing conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome and premature ovarian failure.[8]" They do get tests wrong too you know-so I would defo get this AMH test done and get FSH one repeated. The girls on ttc are brill too-so I would post there also HTH- and DON'T give up hope best of luck xx b
wifin Posts: 4761
You poor thing :lvs :lvs :action32 Basically it's a more reliable way of determining your precise ovarian reserve so you know where you stand. As far as I know, your GP can't do this and it has to be done by one of the fertility clinics (that was defo the case when we were TTC unless it's changed) so you'll need a letter to be referred.
Daff Posts: 11644
lolly I found this, seems to explain it quite well
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
Im another one who has no idea about this Lolly but wanted to give hugs and wish u all the best, please god all will work out. :action32
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
[quote="daffodil mummy ":t3qx3dlp]oh Lolly. I'm so sorry to read this. I haven't a clue about any of it, never even heard of a FSH level test til now so I'm no use at all. I just will be praying for you for another LO cause I know how much you really want another baby :lvs :babydust:[/quote:t3qx3dlp] +1 The other thing is labs have been known to make mistakes, mix up results, etc - is there any way this might be a possibility? Definitely agree with the girls more in the know not to panic after just one test.