Developing wheat intolerance while pregnant?

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Princess Kate Posts: 734
Just wondering if anybody has come across this - all cereals, bread, etc are making me feel so sick lately, now I suffer from indigestion and heartburn problems anyway but I am actually feeling sick in my stomach as well as having the usual indigestion / heartburn these days. A quick consultation with Dr Google tells me that some people develop coeliac disease while pregnant?? Now I may be completely over-reacting to some pregnancy-induced / worsened indigestion problems, but just wondering if anyone has encountered this or could maybe recommend a dietician / food intolerance person in Dublin as I am not sure what I would be able to eat if I had to cut out wheat! Thanks girls x
Babogbeag Posts: 1057
My aunt became coeliac following birth of her twins 17 years ago. Coeliac can be determined by simple blood test.
jenefer1 Posts: 10
hi princess Kate, I am a coeliac and pregnant - I am suffering badly from heartburn but did prior to being pregnant - am not sure if its related, to be tested in the blood test you need to keep eating wheat for it to be an accurate diagnosis. I am on Zantac from the docs (prescription) to try and combat it - try cutting out diary and see if this helps as i find milk makes it worse for some reason. Zantac are available over the counter but i wouldnt buy it unless the doc has approved just in case.
Princess Kate Posts: 734
Thanks girls, I may well be over-reacting as I suffer from indigestion anyway but the last week or do has just been worse than I have ever had! I actually self-prescribed next dr appointment is 2 weeks away and I was suffering so much and figured since everyone who has digestive problems while pregnant seems to be prescribed Zantac there would be no harm in taking has definitely helped but still feeling sick after a lot of foods. I also think my growing bump is reducing the amount of space in my tummy for my usual large portions so maybe I just need to be a little less piggy with my eating. Will mention it to dr at next appointment anyway, thanks again :)