Did everybody get the "WOW Its the one feeling?"

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red Posts: 444
Finally got round to dress shopping last week. Have been to 4 stores and in each store found one dress that I think is fab. No, I did not start to cry and neither did my mum. We did not jump for joy and I did not think 'this is what I've been dreaming about my whole life!' I am wondering am I abnormal? Or just perfectly normal in a different way! I've found some beautiful dresses. Of course can't make up my mind (normal in my books) but I don't think I'll ever get the 'its the one, tears of joy' reaction. Anyone else like me? Heading to the US soon and have done enough research to know I can save at least €500 on one of the dresses I like if I buy there. But due to lack of the above 'feelings' for the dresses would I be jumping the gun in buying over there?
Novice Posts: 458
Hi Red I'm exactly the same. Found 2 dresses I loved and one I will almost definitely buy. Mum and Sis were with me and none of us shed a tear or got in any way emotional except to say "ooh yes thats fab" or whatever. I didnt love trying them all on. It was just something that had to be done. I love the dress I think I'll get and will feel beautiful in it but am in no way emotional about it in the way that alot of B2Bs seem to be. I think we were all expecting to have a little cry or whatever but because we didn't doesnt mean I think I haven't found "the dress". I love it! Hope that makes sense! Novice
eire12 Posts: 160
lethal!!!! someone who has experienced the same as me. honestly red, you are and were not alone. i had the same experience, i finally found my dress with about 6 months to go to the day. and i love my dress, as far as dresses go its lovely. but what makes me feel bridey, is the veil. thats what sells the whole thing to me. im not a bride w/o the veil. anyone can wear a dress, god knows enought people wear white to a wedding now (which i personally hate) but not anyone can wear thee veil :compress now onto america, which part are you going to, if your going to florida, i can recommend a road about 40 mile long (seriously about that long) and all it does is wedding stuff. my mum got my fg dress out there and it is like nothing you have ever seen here. i love it more than anything :lvs and they got it in for her in 4 days. great service and its dirt cheap compared to here. your laughing if you get sorted there. i would say give yourself about 2 wks to be on the safe side for you dress. good luck. let me know if you need the name of that street.. :wv
B2BSept07 Posts: 106
you're not abnormal at all. i felt the exact same way. i visited loads of shops in cork and dublin and was quite disappointed I didn't get the wow! I gave myself a deadline of the start of march to order the dress, as that gave me about 6 months. The dress i was going to order ,i found in a different store for €300 cheaper, it was Kate Sherford dress. I went to the other store to order it but i was still trying on other dresses there. it was nice and would have done the job but I knew there was nicer out there, but i had to order at that point as i had been to about 14 shops. My mother liked the look of a particular dress and i put it on. It's the La Sposa dress and i loved it. I ordered it there and then as i think i got the wow. I went back for my fitting 2 weeks ago and liked it, but i'm still not sure if I was faking the wow or not!!!!!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: it thought dress shopping was very hard.
honeypot Posts: 278
Great to know I'm not the only one not getting the wow factor!! I've tried on loads of dresses and I have it down to three I really like but I didn't think "WOW this is the One" with any of them. I think it just depends on people's personality, I'm a bit indecisive and always think I'll find something better if I keep looking, but I can't keep shopping forever. :o0
honeybee Posts: 624
Didnt have it at all, althought the dress was fab on me and I wouldnt change because it suits my body shape, all i thought about was it doesnt have a train and i really want pearl button all the way down the back of the dress. Both a massive veil to compensate for the train. honeybee
WinterGal Posts: 835
Yeah, same here. I probably tried on over 50 dresses. I never got the 'WOW' and I don't believe I ever would, so yes I agree that it might have something to do with personality. I did keep comparing every dress back to this [i:2bd91zw6]one[/i:2bd91zw6], so I went and tried on that dress again and said 'I think that'll do!'. That's just my personality all over, only has a dish of rare venison deserves the 'wow' and 'that's better that sex' :o0 but I don't believe an expensive load of material would ever float my boat! Damn I'd kill for some venison right now. ;o)
wishicouldelope Posts: 181
I kept getting mini wows! I'd love a particular detail, like the way a skirt swished, or a neckline, or the back view.... problem was that no dress existed with all of the bits that I was falling in love with. After trying on every dress in Dublin (ok, not every dress - I'm sure I missed one or two), I had a very clear idea of what suited me and an even clearer idea of what I wanted. I ended up doing some drawings and bringing them to a dress designer. I didn't save any money, but I'm getting exactly what I want and I have the benefit of her expertise too. The dress isn't made yet so I don't know if all the little wows will add up to a big wow.
Mrs Summertime Posts: 126
Haven't started looking for dresses yet - nor I am not expectecting to go 'WOW' and get teary! My Mum and bridesmaid are quite practical and when my sister was getting married there was no tears and yet we all loved the dress but I remember her struggling between 2 dresses and wasn't sure for ages so there was no "I'VE FOUND THE ONE"!! So I think you are perfectly normal! Eire12 - I am going to Florida in Sep do you mind pm'ing me the name of that street you mentioned?
Roz Posts: 588
No WOW feeling for me either. I fell in love with the first dress i tried on (which ive since decided im going to buy) my mum & 2 BM all said wow when i came out of the dressing room but i didnt get any wow feeling. Got a little bit excited wheni tried on the veil. Still no wow factor but i do get excited now thinking about my dress. :o)ll