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daisydoll Posts: 68
hi all, just looking for a diet buddy. six months to go and im up since crack of dawn trying to get myself into the right mindset to really give it a good go- i have another half stone to loose and would love to shift it before the winter evenings set in. i am at w w but am floating around the same weight with last two months (have lost stone so far but i have hit a brick wall- no budging). just need to share ideas and get motivated and help motivate others. anyone up for it?
zilla2010 Posts: 415
Hi Daisy Doll!! You can certainly count me in. I'm also in WW and i'm a bit stuck on loosing a very stubborn final 6 pounds. I'm walking, exercising etc but it just doesn't seem to want to budge. Then I get fed up and think what's the point and get very de-motivated so it would be great to have someone to give me that kick I need!!! :wv
sharmon Posts: 437
I've 5 mts to go & also am in WW. I hit a wall about 2 yrs ago & stayed the same for 1 1/2 yrs then around CHristmas last yr I put up 1/4 stone well I was disgusted & I attacked my diet with gusto & have since lost 1/2 stone & am now on my way to goal, only 5 1/2 more lbs to go. I really overhauled my diet, I had gotten lazy about pointing things & guessing. I also started swimming (had hurt my knee & could not go walking), I'm eating a lot more protein & I have limited my intake of bread to 2 days a week instead of 7, I have salads with lots of meat for lunch , lots of omlettes (though only use 1 yellow & 3 whites), really filling low in fat & high in protein, I make mini pizzas on brown pittas cut in half, using low fat grated cheese & no point veggies. If I do go to chinese I try to order boiled rice ( I always used to have fried) & have it with prawns or chicken (nothing battered) & I avoid the chipper like the plague. It's been tough but the weight is coming of 1lb or there abouts a week, am determined to look fab for my wedding. And remember take it one day at a time if you screw up or splurg so what start the next day afresh, don't wait till next week to start again (this used to be one of my failings) & I'd end up with an extra 2 lbs up if I did this. We can do it were gonna be skinny minxs for our weddings
daisydoll Posts: 68
i wonder if we should take up a different exercise would it help- im sick of going to ww and being up one then down two then up two and down one- i wonder if im destined to be this exact weight. how we going to shift the final few pounds i am only a few pounds away and its becoming so so disheartening. im just home from work -no internet at work so sorry for late reply. been healthy today but starved with the hunger now-this is the same every evening. maybe im just eating too little during day- would ye eat mainly in day or night -what works best?
katiecaboom Posts: 831
Hi all, I need all the help I can get lots of pounds to go and have no motivation! I tend to fill up on lots of no points stuff if you get hungry in the eve have 0 point soup or no added sugar jelly etc. Another thing is to have cut up veggies ready for when you DO get the munchies. I know its easier said than done and personally haven't done it in a couple of months but sometimes it helps to hear it :-8 Also a good bet is to try something else, throw a little jog into your walk/go for a swim/jump on a trampoline (if there is one lying around lol) Good luck :thnk
beedee Posts: 109
count me in girls. I am stuck in a serious rutt. I am like that up down up. I have another stone to lose and it is being very hard.Any help advice would be great. Its only 6 months till the wedding and I am really beginning to panic.Helppppppp :wv
daisydoll Posts: 68
well i treid the trampoline- forgotten how enjoyable it is. going to bring dog to beach tomorrow (hail rain or snow) and spend few hours walking and running around. my diet seems half on track today but i do have two bottles of wine in the fridge which are calling me......... do you find drink effects your weight - i never ever count it and never feels it effects my weigh in each week -maybe i should have something elso other than wine. ill do a big shop tomorrow and will stock up on veggies - i love fruit but never think of chopping up veg-i always head for fruit bowl. oh the weekends definately is the hardest
katiecaboom Posts: 831
Good to hear things are going ok, keep it up!!! It's always great to plan ahead I find. As regards the wine I don't count alcohol but I don't drink very much. There are low point wines you can get the ww wines which are ok-well the white is haven't tasted anything else-and Lindemans have a low point wine too, I think the white has 5and half point per bottle or something which is grest whan you compare it to 2 ponts per glass for other wine!
happy2010 Posts: 4
Count me in too, six months to go too, stone to loose! proving difficult at the moment! this will help with the motivation! :-8
MrsM2009 Posts: 254
Count me in-4 months to go and cannot budge the last stone no matter what. Joined a boot camp for the summer and I do aqua another nite-serious workouts but not losing a pound!! joined WW online last week-first weight in tomoro, fingers crossed- I better lose something as I'm starving all week