Directions to the semi-private clinic in holles Street!

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January Baby Posts: 1427
Hi, I think I read here before that the semi-private clininc in Holles Street is not at the miain entrance of hospital?? Can anyone give me directions from the reception to the semi-private clinic as I've my consultant visit there next week & dont want to get lost & wandering around! :-8 Thanks a mill!
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
hey bc, face the main hosp entrance, go to your right and at the arch-way there is a portacabin. Go in there and this is the reception to the semi-private clinic. You wait there, for your 1st visit a woman takes some info from you and then you go up the stairs, they weigh u then wee, bloods, medical history, then wait to see doc. Best of luck!!!
January Baby Posts: 1427
Thanks a million wedjul05, you're a star!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Best way to describe is if ur coming down towards HS, there is an archway before u come to the main door (abt 50 yrds) on ur right its the entrance to the car park but the portacabin is just inside the arch on the right. They r lovely in there would advise go early though as its gets quite packed !!!
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
oh ye good advise mrs bambi. on my 2nd visit, my apt wasn't til 13.30, I was there for 12.45 and was out by 13.25. THere was loads of women there by 13.30. They don't say anything if you go in early.
January Baby Posts: 1427
Thanks again girls, my appointment is at 1.30pm & we have the day off so will head in early! *)