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Mrs. Slater Posts: 158
Hi Girls, Is it ok to join your gang!?! Got my BFP on Sunday going to the doctor tomorrow to confirm it. By my calculations (last period 25 December) I am about 5 weeks. I feel ok - slight nausea but not bad, AF like pains every now and again, very sore boobs but what worrying me is that I feel a dizzy and sometimes see little bits of glitter in front of my eyes. Just wondering is this normal? Will say it to doctor tomorrow but just wanted to check with the P&B experts! :thnk
kcchinny Posts: 71
Hey Mrs Slater, I am not an expert by any means. But I got my BFP yesterday too and i am having the exact same dizzy spells, even when sitting down. Made my appt for tomorrow afternoon. Good luck with yours.
Wannabamama Posts: 481
Congratulations on your bfp Mrs Slater :o)ll Its possible that you could be suffering from low blood pressure. Mine has been slightly low on my last couple of check-ups, ive had the odd dizzy spell and the glitter in my eyes as you described. Mention it to your GP when your next there.
Mrs. Slater Posts: 158
Thanks girls for getting back to me! Will mention it to the doctor tomorrow evening. Congrats kcchinny on your BFP. It's such an exciting and scary time!!
mags s Posts: 591
:o)ll congrats girls....are these your first babies??
kcchinny Posts: 71
Hi Mags s, Yes this is my first baby. I am so terrified and keep thinking what have I let myself into. But I am a nervous person anyway, my sick feeling im having is all due to thinking about it. I am going to doc tomorrow to get it confirmed maybe it will hit me then. I have loads of questions for her. And Im sure I will post here with annoying questions too. Do I tell my boss then???
the moms Posts: 1427
Hi Mrs. Slater. Congrats on your BFP! It sounds like it could be a form of migraine you're having. You can get the blurry vision and glitter you're describing from that too. You're doc should be able to tell you for sure. If you're feeling dizzy make sure you put your feet up in the mean time! And have lots of healthy snacks to prevent low blood sugar.