DizzyVic tied the knot!! Trim Castle - 28/01/2012 - Page 2

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Bootleg Betty Posts: 264
Fab report, you looked gorgeous! Can I ask where you bought your earrings?
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Ah just saw this!! Huge congrats - you were a stunning bride - you both look thrilled to bits! Thanks for the mention :thnk
DizzyVic Posts: 180
Ah thanks a mill girls. We had such anamazing day! It's nice to share it with you all! :-) Bootleg Betty, got the earrings in debenhams. Half price!! :-) But that was about 6 months ago.
longtimeyet Posts: 461
Stupicsexyflanders - did you make the invites for dizzyvic?
highbeam Posts: 2578
Congrats DizzyVic, You look amazing, love your dress. Your little girl is adorable and looks so excited. Lovely report. Love the balloon release!
macanme Posts: 549
ah dizzyvic that was a lovely report, ur pics are beatuiful an u couldn't see the little ones spots at all they must have been well cleared up, ur dress was absolutly amazing beautiful wedding party. Rite need to get a move on an do my report saying as we were wedding day twins :o)ll
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Ms HP Posts: 617
Great report - I really enjoyed reading it. You all look fab in the pics, your little girl is beautiful. Especially love the pics of you and your mum and also your little girl getting ready :action34
mayb12 Posts: 35
I love your report! You look absolutly beautiful and your little girl is a proper little princess. My 2 girls are just over them thank god so hopefully all signs will be gone bar a few scars. Tell me, where on ebay did you get the cake topper and was it really expensive?? I absolutly LOVE it! The idea with the balloons was amazing too. Alot of effort gone into that, fair play to your Bm. Did you have little notes tied on the end? I'd say thats an amazing photo!Congrats, hope you're all living happily ever after x
Babogbeag Posts: 1057
Bawling :lvs Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary. :lvs Stunning DizzyVic :lvs
DizzyVic Posts: 180
Ah Babogbeag, what a lovely response to get to my report!! :) Congrats on your 3 year anniversary!! Are you doing anything special for it? Mayb12, the eBay seller is called "wnire". I think we paid around 40 pounds for the cake topper. You get to choose the colour of swarowski stones to fit in with your own colour scheme. If your initials are V&P you can have mine! :o0 The balloons had little postcards attached to them. On the front there was a pic of us and on the back it had our address and space for our guests to leave a message for us. We got 3 back in the post! It poured with rain the day after our wedding so I didn't think we'd ever get any back. So was delighted when they started coming through the letter box! :o)ll Loved the idea!! AnnieMac, the reason you can't see the spots is cos our photographer photo-shopped them all out! (I'd asked him to!) Now get writing! I'm dying to read your report and see how you got on "wedding twin"! :o)ll