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Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Lovely report and fab dress Dizzy Vic. I also loved the balloon drop. Can you give me more details please did your bridesmaid hire someone to do it or did she do it all her self. Its fab and I'd love to do something like that.
DizzyVic Posts: 180
Hi drummerswife2be, sorry for only replying now. My bridesmaid did the balloon release herself. I think she ordered the balloons and postcards on eBay and then got the local florist to fill them with helium. I can check for the seller's eBay name if you like? I've had lots of people comment on the balloon release and our guests seemed to love it! I'm very lucky I had such brilliant bridesmaids! :o)ll
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Fab idea. Wish my bridesmaids were like they. Don't think I have the energy to organise that on top of everything else. But thanks for getting back to me.
dreambaby2013 Posts: 2445
Hi DizzyVic, Your pics where stunning, you where beautifull and dress hair accesories where amazing. Your daughter looked so bright and bubbly just shows how excited she was to be able to look so happy when sick. I loved the ballon's veryspecial indeed. can i ask where you got your hairband, i'm having a beautifull theme and was looking for something nice for my hair i was thinking more of a comb but loved your hairband. The only thing i'm afraid of with a band is that it will be tight and give m a headache. Congrats and once again stunning x
2013bride13 Posts: 424
congratulations, u looked stunning and so so happy!!! Any chance you would pm details about the invites?
DizzyVic Posts: 180
Hi Barrysbridejuly, sorry for only getting back to you now. Got my headpiece in the Bridal Studio in Drogheda. They had lots to choose from. And as I got my dress there as well it was great cos I could see how it all looked together before buying it. I must have spent hours in the shop for one of the fittings trying to decide between the headpieces! There was just too much choice. :D Apart from the headbands they also had combs and pins which were lovely. Looking back now I probably should've gone with one of those, as the headband was killing by the end of the day. I had to go upstairs half way through the reception to get some pain killers. Mind you that could've just been a tension headache as well as the stress of that morning really got to me. But I did have two very painful bumps behind my ears for about a week after the wedding! Lol. The things we do in the name of beauty! Lol :o0 Best of luck with your big day. The build up to the wedding is such a lovely time. :o)ll @ 2013bride13: PM sent! :)
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April13 Posts: 635
waaaaawweeeee ur pics are fantastic.... I got alll emotional looking at them there....... That was lovely having ur we girl light the unity candle with u!!! :) Congratulations...... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Congrats DizzyVic, lovely photos, you looked beautiful. Love the balloon idea too. All the best for married life together, it's great fun!
amthee Posts: 688
Loved your wedding report, it was so detailed I felt like I was there! Fab photos glad you had a great day
Make My Day Productions Posts: 119
[quote="DizzyVic":kzo0uth6] [b:kzo0uth6]Videographer[/b:kzo0uth6] – Make My Day Productions ( Absolutely fantastic. It was a pleasure working with Brendan from start to finish. LOVE our DVD! DH wasn’t sold on booking a videographer for the wedding initially as he felt it was a waste of money but he has changed his mind completely after seeing the DVD! Definitely worth it!! [/quote:kzo0uth6] Thanks "DizzyVic"