Do I need a sample?

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Spacehopper Posts: 136
Hi Ladies Ive an appointment with my doc this week to confirm my BFP! Do I need to bring a urine sample??
theoracle Posts: 7664
Congrats! GPs nowadays very rarely do another test to confrim you are pg. Most likely he will start your paperwork, chat about your medical history, discuss your healthcare preferences and...not much more! If he/she will want to do a test, they might prefer a 'fresh' sample! :wv
Spacehopper Posts: 136
Great thanks! Ill make sure my bladder is full then! :o0 Ive done 4 tests at home and they were all positive but just keep thinking im dreaming!
spanishb2b Posts: 1261
Congrats! My gp didn't even bother doing another test once I told her I'd done a test myself but I know this can differ from gp to gp. They do say that your best to use your first morning urine though as the doctors tests are not as sensitive as the ones bought over the counter. So maybe you should take a morning urine sample in with you. Congrats again! :o)ll
autumn10 Posts: 26
Congrats! :o)ll I would take a sample with you. First one of the morning. My GP does a test again and has requested that I bring a sample to every visit. Best of luck with every with everything!
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Ring & ask if you need to bring a sample. My Gp didn't do another test so bringing a sample would have been an unnecessary hassle. Also if he does do a test and it comes back negative, don't get upset as their tests aren't as sensitive as the across counter tests and that's why alot of doctors don't do test.
DGil Posts: 129
Hi, i brought a sample, first morning pee and she tested based on that. As its still quite early your best chance with sample from early morning Best of luck!! Keep us posted :babydust: :babydust: