Do you need to wash new baby clothes before use?

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MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Hi all, Just starting to gather together a few bits and pieces for baby's hospital bag. I think I read somewhere that all babygrows etc should be washed (with Fairy non-bio) before they are used. Is this correct? Also, while I'm on the subject, how many babygrows should I have in the bag and how do I know what sizes to get? So far I have 3 X newborn ones and 3 X 0-3 months ones. I guess perhaps there's no way of knowing but I've been told baba is about 5 lbs at this stage so I'm thinking I should probably go for more 0-3 month ones. Thanks all, J
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I did. They are so tiny and delicate you'd hate for there to be any manufacturing residue or dust or anything that would irritate their delicate skin. I used Persil non-bio, not sure if there's any difference once it's non-bio. Also, I don't use fabric softener, as I hate the smell of them, so I use vinegar instead, leaves everything lovely and soft without any smell. I didn't bother with anything newborn for DD, her Dad's 6ft6 so I knew they'd never fit her!
strangeangel Posts: 1269
I'd definitely wash - there's lots of chemical residue on them from the production process, besides dust etc from the retail end. We always use Fairy on on our own clothes so they didn't need their own special wash. I wouldn't go overboard on how many you'll pack in your hospital bag, just make sure your DH knows where they are and he can bring them in as needed depending on how long you stay. We stayed overnight and DD just used the one vest and babygro that went on her after delivery. Or wait, she did get a bath in there, so maybe I had another one with me? Can't even remember :) DD was a fairly average 7lbs and 20 inches and still fit into newborn for a good few weeks, so I'd at least have some of them and the rest 0-3 mos. I also found the 0-1 mo M&S babygros to be quite generously sized for the first few weeks.
Daff Posts: 11644
dd2 was 8lbs 5 and fitted in newborn til 2/3 weeks. Don't forget they lose up to 10% of birth weight and it takes a week or two to put back on. dd2 was born at 6.24am and I was home at 4pm and she still went through 3 babygrows. Newborns have a lot of mucus in their system and can spew a lot! but don' waste space in the bag, put a few in (same with nappies) and have extra in the car that Dh can take in as needed. Room is very tight so you don't want loads wtih you. Also then dh can take away the dirty and bring in the clean so you don't have it all piled up with you.
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Sorry OP, total aside, but Strangeangel, love the new ticker!!!! :o)ll
MrsDr Posts: 1316
I just washed the things the baby was going to wear in first couple of weeks. It was very exciting the day I washed all his little things and put them on the clothes horse, it felt very real then :o)ll TBH i'd buy another few newborn babygros. DS was 7.8Ibs and fit into the babygros for a good few weeks. I was amazed coz i had DH head wrecked spending wends buying 0-3 months babygros, I kept saying to him we need more coz we wont have a small baby! PLus I wouldnt listen to the docs/nurses advice on the weight. I went for a scan on a wednesday was told baby was 5Ibs had him on the sunday (ie 4 days later) and he was 7.8 :eek Oh its so exciting, best of luck :o)ll PS he's quite long too
strangeangel Posts: 1269
[quote="MrsDr":680343wf]I just washed the things the baby was going to wear in first couple of weeks. It was very exciting the day I washed all his little things and put them on the clothes horse, it felt very real then :o)ll [/quote:680343wf] I remember this feeling too! I couldn't stop staring at all the wee vests and babygros and thinking "There's going to be a little person who actually fits into those doll clothes here in a few weeks!" :) And thanks PaniniRoses :) I still get a bit of a surprise when I see the two of them below my posts now!