do you still give cash presents at weddings

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xcited bride Posts: 359
hi girls just reading previous post re paying for wedding and alot of people saying there hoping to get alot in cash presents.. do you think in current economic climate people will still give same present as say 2 yearrs ago.. now i know its not about the money but just wondering.. h2b thinks they will as couple putting on wedding still going to huge expense to give day out even if ya cut wedding car, chair covers etc. 5 course meal, wine, band etc are still expensive. do you think giving a non cash present will become popular again?
Twirler Posts: 1644
Not really the best person to answer this as I don't give cash presents, I always give a gift. I don't think at the moment that I'd spend any less on a gift though, having said that that may change if one of us lost our job or had to take a significant paycut.
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
We are not banking on getting a lot of cash gifts because things have changed so much for so many people. We genuinely want people we care about to come and share our day without the pressure of having to stump up a lot of money for the pleasure. Having said that, we will not say no to any cash people want to "donate" to the honeymoon fund!
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
I will still give a cash present. Most people that we know getting married are in the same situation as us. Have our house for a number of years & don't need anything for it.
Shorti3 Posts: 404
Myself and H2b have always given cash presents at weddings, as most couples getting married now have their house and all their belongings its so silly to give a present like bedding or crockery. My parents go to alot of weddings and they always give cash, my aunties always ring around to see what the cousins want for their present and its always the same answer as most of them are living together
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
I didn't really answer the question.. must remember, I am not the only person in the world getting married! :o0 anyway, to answer the Q - yes I will continue to give cash presents to couples getting married. Always have, always will. Although the amount will most certainly depend on our circumstances at the time!
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Just married here! We have our house 6 yrs but people still gave a hell of alot of wine glasses as wedding presents! :o0 But we did still get alot of cash prezzies too. HTH :wv
YoungsWIfe Posts: 738
To be honest I wouldnt depend on it. You would be surprised at the amount of people who wont even give a pressent. We were shocked at the amount that didnt give us anything now we did get a few cards and pressies after the wedding which was lovely. I know its not about the money and the presents but I would be morto if it was me. THe only thing though is we know everyone who didnt give us a present and we will know in future.
MissMuppet Posts: 2085
[color=indigo:1kbgakfu]I always give cash presents...I hate buying a gift because I never know what to get and also we like to make sure we cover ourselves for the meal, thats our personal feeling...[/color:1kbgakfu]
Silent Bride Posts: 565
I always give Cash presents, unless the couple have told me they want something in paticular. And we always make sure that we call and give the card and gift the week before the wedding, unless it is a distance, then we bring it on the day. I know people do it, but I cld never go to a wedding without giving a gift before or on the day.....and no matter how broke we were, we were never just NOT give a gift. I think that is just terrible and mean >:o( Its like this you either know way before the invites come out or 6/8 weeks before that you are invited to a wedding so you have that time to get the money together for a gift. And also there have been 1 or 2 weddings that we have been invited to where due to other circumstances we couldn't go. We still gave cash gifts. If the people were nice enough to invite us, then we would return the favour and give them a wedding card back. Its not that we have the money by any means but it doesn't take much to be nice. Fingers crossed people might think the same about us :o0 Who needs 10 sets of wine glasses and 5 lamp shades!!!!!!!