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Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Hi All Just wondering what kindof a reception you got from your doctor when you got your BFP ?mine was'nt great I know it was my doctor but she was doing the Emergency doctor yesterday as I could'nt get an appointment yest morning I went to her then in afternoon this is only my second time with her. I thought she'd be more thrilled for us especially when I had told her we were TTc ,did'nt give me much details I had to ask her to do a urine test I said that the clearblue came up positive just wanted her to check. Told me what to eat /drink etc and said to come back next week to go through everything that it was still too early in the pregnancy to jump into things by next week it shold be ok ??? I had to even ask her about the date that she thinks I'd be due so upsetting when I was excited going in and could'nt wait to ring hubbie. :o)ll :o)ll should I be worried ??
Ferdi Posts: 704
Absolutely not. Had been to my gynac in March and asked her to do some checks if it would be ok to ttc as I have a medical problem. got the ok fom her but didn't actually start until Oct and got lucky first time. When I asked her to confirm, she did an internal scan, gave me a pic and said come back next week and we'll go through everything. I was literally 5 weeks at that stage and I think maybe the docs are being cautious. look forward to your next appointment :xox
breeze Posts: 1175
I was with the GP yesterday and he just said what can i do for you, told him i done 2 HPT and they were both pos, he then done his own to confirm and it was pos to. He checked my BP and heart, signed up for combined care, gave me a letter for the HSP and sent me on my way. Called the HSP today and have my first appointment with them on the 25 th May. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll cant wait
Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Ok thanks girls I might go to the nurse here in work anyway just to see what she says.I'm thinking it was because she was only the Emergency doctor yesterday that thats why she was like the way she was uno.But if I have to wait until next week no probs but just wish I had know that before I went in as was expecting her to do loads and tell me loads of things but was a bit dissapointed when that happened .But then again Igot my BFP so thats just the best thing ever :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll