Does the bride normally wear a watch?

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jitterbug Posts: 226
Hi Ladies, Just wondering if brides normally wear a watch? I guess it would have to be a kind of fancy one. If not, then how do you know that everything is running on schedule???? My control freak tendencies are coming out!!
brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi ya I think it's the one day you should let the watch go!! Also heard before something about it being bad luck (just an old wives tale) Relax and enjoy your day- you deserve it after all your hard work, xx brideeee
Photography by Michelle Posts: 156
Hi Jitterbug, No the bride doesnt wear a watch. The bride does not have to worry about time on her wedding day nothing can go happen till she arrives !!!! But I have seen some brides wearing them so I guess if you really want to a dressy one would be ok
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv Any Brides i know have never wore a watch.. I know my H2b will be wearing one, so thats how i am planning on keeping track of the time...
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I'm addicted to my watch - I'd be lost without it. But my wedding day is the one day I wont be wearing it. I'm going to take it easy and if things are earlier or later than planned that tough shite. One thing I wont be doing on my wedding day is rushing around. Dont wear the watch!!
shiraz Posts: 770
Dont wear the watch :o0 Heard it was bad luck also! :wv
mrs aug 07 Posts: 817
I wore a watch and to be honest I dont think I looked at it all day but it was a really nice one and it was my something borrowed. In answer to your question if you want to wear one do and if not then dont!
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Funny I have a different wives tell - that you should never buy your partner a watch as it puts a time on the relationship, but its okay after your married. So I know a lot of people who got a present of a watch from their h2b or w2b the morning of the wedding. I will be wearing one – not knowing the time would kill me.
silver bullet Posts: 176
I'm addicted to wearing my watch can't be without it but for the one day I did without and didn't even notice it was gone. When the day comes you won't miss it. Plus when you get to your hotel they take care of everything and tell you when you're sitting down and whats going to happen at least they did at ours they were great totally looked after everything I didn't have to worry about a thing on the day.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
most people don't but if you want to and it's a nice one that matches your other accessories then go for it!