Dr. Shane Higgins - Holles Street

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Bubba Bump Posts: 348
Anyone any experience with Dr. Higgins in Holles Street?
Momma Posts: 427
Do you know if he is replacing Dr. Keane. When I phoned up they said a new doctor would be taking his place but it wasn't confirmed yet? so I'm wondering if its him
desperate4bfp Posts: 316
He is replacing Dr Keane.... I have been there twice in the last 4 weeks and have still not seen him !!!!! he is on holidays at the moment. there seems to be alot of changes happening with all the consultants at the moment, so even though you are being assigned to one it does not mean they will be your consultant for the remainder of your pregnancy
Momma Posts: 427
ah ok - who are you seeing each time then. I haven't been yet so no idea about him. Pity about Dr. Keane cause he was lovely and I saw him every visit for the entire time
desperate4bfp Posts: 316
seeing whomever is there to stand in for him (so was a different person each time) but both were very nice back again in a few weeks so I hope to see him then if not I think I will be a bit peeved off, cos what was the point really in going semiprivate then !?!?!
Momma Posts: 427
yeah and paying 700 odd quid for the privledge hopefully you'll see him soon. when u do, will you let me know what he's like.
desperate4bfp Posts: 316
whats the big case in OLOL????
Princess Wifey Posts: 534
Was with Dr Keane and last two visits have been with someone else rather than Dr Higgins. Still waiting to meet this mystery consultant! Agree that it's a bit annoying that there's no consistency - but that's probably the joys of the summer months...holiday season!
missust Posts: 370
he has moved from OLOL in drogheda where he had a fantastic reputation-if you could get to actually see him
bumble Posts: 1980
Yeah Dr Higgins replaced Dr Keane in the semi private clinic at Holles St. I had my apt last week (July 20th)and saw Dr Higgins himself. He's very nice and gave me lots of time, answered all questions and i didn't feel rushed at all.