dreaded MS / sick tummy

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bree Posts: 1880
im waking up in the morning with such a sick tummy ( not actually being sick - tho think if i did it would prob be a relief)..last week when this was happening eating regularly really helped but nothing is working now...wouldnt mind but now its lasting til mid-day & returning full on in late evening....so basically sick from about 8pm til noon the next day -----------oh yuk..its horrible, iv tried eating small amounts often, lots of fruit & drinks..havent tried ginger yet...any suggestion for me girls ( sorry for the rant just feeling rotten ! )
woonoo Posts: 78
I find Rich Tea biscuits are better than ginger ones. Nibble something before you get up, it does help. I also don't notice it as much if I am mad busy, stupid I know, but it helps your mind not to focus on it. Sea bands are supposed to be good but I havem't tried them as I don't think I need them - yet! It's a rotton feeling though, you are not alone :?
mad woman Posts: 22106
be careful with the fruit, because the acid may make your tummy worse, the only fruit that doesnt have acid are pears. Drink hot boiled water as well, its great for an upset tummy.
summer days Posts: 112
hi Bree As the girls said, a dry cracker or something like that before you actually get up is the best. I used to get DH to grate ginger directly on to it. That would take at least 10 mins to settle. Then when I got up I would immediately have to eat again. Hope this helps
bree Posts: 1880
will try that girls - thanks ( gonna seriously stock up on the ginger today! ) have been trying the eating before getting out of bed & helped last week ....feel like crap again this morning tho , was sick a little and still feel sooo hungover ( without the pleasure of the nice white wine obviously!) I suppose i just feel bad too cause i do an extra job a few days a week for someone & have ended up cancelling it a few times as its quite intense ( have managed not to go sick on my main job thank god!)... and this morning i feel like such crap again i would love to cancel & stay in bed all day! ( prob not v.healthy either) Sorry girls realise im feeling v.sorry for myself..just tired& grump 2!!!!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Hi bree, Hope some of those suggestions work for you. I just waned to say (and don't want to frighten you) that [b:39pfvc69]nothing[/b:39pfvc69] I tried worked for me. I was constantly sick and nauseous from week 6 - 18. All I could do was get on with it, and eat whenever I could, because no amount of diet changing, or eating smaller quantities, etc, etc worked for me :?.
bree Posts: 1880
oh jelly..poor u! i think the worst thing is that its goes away for periods & you think " yippee - its over" and then 20mins later it comes back even worse! oh yyuukk ! but at least it will all be worth it , getting v.excited about the baby!!