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desperate4bfp Posts: 316
Hey, Since getting pregnant the skin on my face has been soooo bad... does anyone have any good remedies or ideas? I am cleansing and moisturizing and all but it just keeps getting worse and worse .... one day it looks like its getting better, but then I wake up in the morning and BANG it looks like you could play join the dots on my face... O:|
broodynewlywed Posts: 164
Hiya, I don't have any tips but just wanted to tell you I feel you pain! I'm 6 months gone and am spotty as a 17 year old! Huge big ones all over my face and on my chest and back. Its so embarrassing at ths age :o(
broodynewlywed Posts: 164
Oops meant to say 6 weeks gone :duh:
crackers Posts: 46
Hi, My skin was the same for the first three months and I tried every cream going, sudocream, teatree, I even had to facials but nothing worked It was the hormones I am 7 months today and my skin in completely clear so it will improve your hormones have to balance out. Crackers
ellee Posts: 666
I'm 6m gone and still getting awful spots :o( the marks take forever to fade as well. I have found face masks good for at least getting rid of the boiler head stage (ick!) - I use a fruit active rejuvenating mask from elemis - can highly recommend it. Use it in conjunction with their papya peel sometimes too which leaves my face looking gorgeous! You can leave the mask on overnight, I do this and also dab it on spots as they appear. It's a bit expensive but lasts for ages. You can get it on strawberrynet.com for about €37 I think. They'll also refund any tax you are charged by customs. Harvey nicks do this range as well. So do the radisson spas. I tend to get at least 6m out of it. http://www.strawberrynet.com/productDet ... 351#DETAIL hth! :wv
pattie Posts: 2379
I have had this both times. I also suffered off and on from spots before becoming pg and used to take a course of antibiotics as I never found a cream that cured them and that I wasn't also allergic to. So during pregnancy I use a topical antibiotic solution (v. sparingly) prescribed by my GP, Dalacin T.
Mammy rigomad Posts: 958
I had this problem early on but trust me it will get better!My skin has never been so clear for so long!!Long may it last!!!
mac tavish Posts: 296
hi, im overdue by a couple of days now and my skin never got better >:o( i have been a spotty freak the whole way through! Have spots on my chin, back and shoulders. I never had perfect skin but i never got a spot on my back or shoulders till i got pregnant. And nothing shifts them for me O:|