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Dreamster Posts: 6620
As many of you know, I was being treated for high blood pressure during the latter half of the pregnancy. I had been admitted three times and as a result was on medication and being monitored closely. For the last three weeks I was seeing my consultant each Monday and spending a half day each Thursday in the Fetal Assessment Unit in CUMH where I was monitored for my bp and having a growth scan. On Thursday 11th September I attended FAU at 9.30am and had the scan at 10.30am. I could tell the sonographer wasn’t too happy and she mentioned the growth had dropped off and the fluid was low. The weight of the baby was showing 5lbs 2oz.The bp was also high so I was a little concerned. My consultant was called and he reviewed the scan report which stated that the baby had Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) and that combined with the Pre Eclampsia Risk (bp was very high also) was the reason he decided to deliver me that afternoon by C Section. He calmly popped around the curtain, I was reading my Westlife book and literally said he thought the best thing would be the above and was I ok. I was tempted to freak out but decided not to as he was very calm and I didn’t want to make a show out of myself! It was about 12.30pm at that stage and he said it might be some hours before he got a slot in theatre and he’d see me there. I rang Dh who needless to say was shocked and came straight over. Thankfully he wasn’t far away and arrived soon enough. At that point he said he was about to loose it as I was close to but we knew we couldn’t as first, it wouldn’t achieve anything and secondly, it would not help the bp! I told Dh to go home and change because it could be a long night. He was back within an hour and refused to get a sandwich as his tummy was doing somersaults. They found a bed for me and I was just about to be admitted to the ward when the cons rang to say he was on the way to bring me down to theatre. Now normally you go from your room, on a bed, in your gown all ready. But I was still in FAU so they had to get me ready. The only gown they could find was barely covering my bellybutton – morto so I put on my dressing gown. Cons arrived and saw my bags and helped carry them down also – again, morto. There was a bit of paperwork when we got down and during this Dh casually said “I’m famished” and the midwife insisted he go for a sandwich. Naturally I was freaking as we were about to go to theatre but she was worried he would faint inside. So off he trotted and I was taken into theatre where I was being slagged off by the midwives at the state of my gown! In fairness the midwives were great and really distracted me. We were discussing names and all. They located another one which wasn’t much better and the anaestitst was trying to find a vein for the IV – you should see my bruises on my left hand, he made a right mess. Then he started saying he thought my back wasn’t favourable for the injection and for the Cork WOLS he had a real RCYC accent. I felt like decking him, my back is the same as everyone elses!!!! Anyhow, he got it in 1st go and it took effect immediately. And it didn’t hurt at all. There was a paeds team on stand by for babs and we were warned he may be not breathing etc and that the paeds team would take him straight away to check him over. Everything was very calm and that made us calm. Well Dh was still missing at this point having returned from his munch he was sitting where he had last seen me and only for a nurse asking him who he was waiting for he’d still be there! He came in all gowned up and sat beside my head on the right. The Anaest was to my left and said “look up here guys” and for some bizarre reason I thought he was going to take our picture. In fact, there on a lovely flat screen was an open belly (mine) and he said “look at the waters go” and we saw it and I looked at Dh as he is really squeamish and he had his head down. He basically talked through what cons was doing and we saw him lift babs out (17.50) 4 weeks earlier than expected, who started crying straight away. It was so weird watching it and hearing him cry – surreal. Cons held him up over the drapes and then as the paeds team took him, about 3 people were roaring, blue or pink! Eventually the cons said a boy. As he was crying, it meant he was breathing and they wrapped him and placed him on my chest for a minute. Then they checked him over and we officially named him. I kept asking about his weight and eventually they said 4lbs 3oz which was nearly a whole lb lighter than they had estimated. My “buddy” the Anaest said he was a scrap of a thing.Dh was taken outside and they gave him to me for another minute just to say goodbye as he was on his way to Neonatal. The cons was bust stitching me up and I asked him did he do lipo – I mean in fairness – mortifying but I blame the morphine!!!!! He finished up (was heading to Taiwan the next day), congratulated me again and headed off. A paediatrician came into me then and explained that as far as they could tell, babs was healthy just very small and he was taken to the neonatal unit. He said I would be taken there after recovery. So I was moved to recovery and asked for the infamous tea & toast that everyone says is the best ever and she said no! No food until the following morning – I was disgusted. Dh went out and rang the two families. Anyway, I sent Dh off to Neo and I had to wait until I had feeling back in both legs before I was allowed to go. As soon as it did, the nurse and porter wheeled me straight down. Babs was in an incubator right inside the door so the bed could be wheeled in and I was bawling as it is a different world in there. Beeping and buzzing and loads of Neonatal nurses flitting around. The nurse we met then was so nice. She came over tome and said he was settled but sure every boy wants a cuddle from his mum and took him out and placed him in my arms. He had the feeding tube and drip in so it was a bit of a shock. It was an even bigger shock when she said that she was off for a week and hoped there would be a big improvement on her return, I really thought he was only there for a few hours. Dh told me then that they said two weeks was a good estimation. I was wheeled upstairs and it was so hard knowing I was going there without him. I was settled in upstairs and I sent Dh back down. It was hard for him as I was upset but I wanted him to stay with babs as I felt one of us should be there. So that is what happened on Thursday 11th Sept. The following week was a complete rollercoaster but here we are now, all home and getting used to each other. For all pregnant wollies, I can honestly say it is the single most amazing feeling to hold your own child in your arms and know that you are soley responsible for them but you know what, you don’t care, you just want to protect them forever.
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
What's his name Dreamster?????
steen Posts: 1335
Congrats - delighted you are both doing well.
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Ahhhh Dreamster - cant believe you have had your babs!!! Big congrats to you all!! :o)ll :o)ll Lovely birth story *) *) *)
Ducky Posts: 2506
Lovely story, loved the RCYC twit... Well, what's ther little hero's name? Enjoy him x
fantac Posts: 4109
congrats dreamster -enjoy your lovely little man!
ainm Posts: 2211
Great birth story. Congrats again :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
broody chick Posts: 203
lovely story, thank you for sharing it with us......So exciting :o)ll :xxx
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Lovely story Dreamster and congratulations again! You had me welling up when you had the bit about the nurse saying every boy wants a cuddle from his mum....and I'm at work, I can't be at that lark!!!! :o0 Hope your little man is getting on well at home!
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
Ah Dreamster, congratulations!!! Wishing you and your little fella the very best for the future! Zilla07